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Jeff Monson vs Capitalism

Hey, did you know that during last week’s Republican National Convention in St Paul, there was a whole bunch of retardation going on in the streets between the police and protesters? Jeff Monson was there, and here’s a picture of him trying to blockade the entrance to the Convention. If you weren’t aware, Monson is a hardcore anarchist … more on that here. Here’s what Hywel Teague had to say about Monson’s philosophy:

I found his political views somewhat naive.   I think he supports the principles but doesn’t understand the actual logistics.   being an anarchist and anti-capitalist is like being opposed to the concept of sadness. The anti-sad campaigners want everyone to be happy, but don’t understand the causes of sadness or why it exists in the world, and offer no remedy.

It’s always easier to tear something down than to build something else up. We’re very guilty of that here … we like to point out all the things that are wrong with MMA, but unfortunately we don’t always have the answers. That to me is the issue. An Anarchistic overthrow would fuck everything up and kill a lot of people. And would the system that replaces the current one even be better than what we already have now? I doubt it.

Regardless of how I find many protesters’ beliefs to be stupid and shallow, I still think they should have rights. What went on in St Paul was pretty wacky and if you haven’t seen or heard much about it, read this and go look at the pictures.