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Jeff Monson knocked out two Russian cops before fighting Fedor

Jeff Monson will always be a friend to the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free of the oppressive bonds of government. If Jeff Monson has to spray paint “No poverty” and “No war” on the Washington state capitol building in order to get his point across, then so be it. And if Jeff Monson has to trash his girlfriend’s house to stand up against that stupid, pointless hierarchical restriction called monogamy, then that’s what Jeff Monson has to do. It’s all in the name of civil disobedience.

This also means that Jeff Monson will beat the shit out of the police for you if they’re trying to arrest you for being a drunken dumbass. Jeff Monson has ideals and Jeff Monson isn’t playing around. It doesn’t matter if it’s zero degrees outside. It doesn’t matter if Monson is wearing flip-flops and a hoodie and has to fight Fedor the next day. Jeff Monson is pissed off and he’s had enough of The Man’s bullshit. RT Network recounts the latest superhero-like behavior of Jeff Monson the Anarchist Crusader:

One of the LifeJournal users was shocked when he met Monson in the city’s Metro, which he decided to take in order to make the 40-minute trip to the Moscow outskirts, where he was to hold a master class the day before the fight. He was dressed in hooded top and wearing flip-flops. The temperature on that day was around zero degrees.

On one of the stations he noticed two policemen trying to calm down a drunken man. Their methods seemed too aggressive to the American and he rushed to calm down the policemen. Monson’s escort decided not to wait until the American, known for his penchant for anarchism, beat up the surprised law-enforcers and stopped the scuffle.

And this all somehow ended with Monson getting away scot free and not being tossed in a gulag. So if you are downtrodden and need help, and Phoenix Jones isn’t around, Jeff Monson will fight off the evil KGB agents, even with a broken leg. Jeff Monson will show that we’re all equal by whipping those porkers’ asses back into line. This is not a joke: freedom is not to be taken lightly. Now if only he had been at UC Davis this past weekend.