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Jeff Monson has upset someone

Here’s how describes their possession of the above photo:

An email was anonymously sent to me with the words ‘More to come’. Attached to the email was a picture of a naked Jeff Monson jumping on a bed. Judging from the lack of tattoos on Monson’s torso, this picture was captured a few years ago with an analog camera. That is all I know. Not sure why this picture was sent to me, perhaps to publish in which case, I’ve done my job.

My bet: Monson’s various ‘dating relationships’ are coming back to haunt him. Last year he ended up in jail after his girlfriend at the time found out about his secret family and accused him of domestic abuse. Police later dropped the charge and arrested her for throwing his cell phone out of a moving car and cleaning out his bank accounts.

I’m not saying it’s that specific crazy chick doing it. But these are the women in Jeff Monson’s life, so it’s not exactly the biggest shock in the world when naked pictures of him make their way onto the internet. Personally I’m just kinda disappointed that naked spite photos get sent to Middle Easy instead of Fightlinker. I thought that kinda stuff was right up our alley!