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Jeff Monson fucks himself over again

Sometimes Jeff Monson is such an idiot. First he lets ESPN Magazine take a picture of him vandalizing the Washington State capitol building, which of course ends up in the magazine and results in Jeff getting arrested for vandalism. Then instead of playing the game and begging The Man for mercy during his court hearing, he instead entered in an Alford plea on one of his vandalism charges. If you haven’t watched enough episodes of Law & Order, an Alford plea is basically a smart ass way of claiming you’re not guilty while allowing the court to immediately find you guilty. How did his unrepentant actions and behavior go over at the court? Take a guess:

Monson, 38, is scheduled to be sentenced in October, with the prosecutor recommending 90 days in jail. He was also slapped with a $21,894 fine for restitution. However, the crushing blow for Monson is that he was forced to hand over his passport. He is reported to have fights scheduled in Russia and Japan in early 2010, and won’t be able to travel for them. When asked to turn the passport over, he asked the prosecutor, “Are you going to support my family now?”

Oh yeah, dumbass. It’s totally the prosecutor’s fault you tried to show off your anti-authoritarian balls to ESPN and it should absolutely be his responsibility to support your family now that you’re in jail because of it. Stupid anarchist.