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According to Josh Burkman’s myspace page, not only did he feel like he won the fight but that it was Mike Swick’s fault that it was boring. Take a look at his latest myspace bulletin:

First I wanna thank you guys for your support, I got alot of great messages and tons of support. Thank you!
I’m not gonna look back on the fight and be upset about the decision because there is nothing that I can do about it. I could have done more and I Will learn from it.

Thoughts on the fight… I was ready for a war and so was Swick. I saw it in his eyes at the press conference, weigh-ins and the stare-down I thought it would be a war!.. But when the fight started Swick realized he was not the better fighter… he was in there with a better fighter than he prepared for. Half way through the first round that look he had was gone and he wanted out!… He wasn’t in there to fight after the first round, i took it from him and we both know it… He’s still trying to figure out what happened, but sometimes you forget things when you’re scared!…

After the first he knew I was there to fight and He wanted no part of it!… When I would get ahold of him he would just hold on cause he felt safe there… I probably should have backed of the takedowns and clinch but I felt i was in control of the fight and that it was obvious. 2 criteria’s for judging are aggressiveness and octogon control… When did you start getting as point for good defense!… I stood in the center most of the second round just to prove a point… Maybe it would have been better recieved if i would have called him on, but that’s not my style… I felt if he didn’t want to fight I could atleast throw some kicks and some other crazy stuff to show I was there to fight or maybe it would get him to engage… I guess I was wrong.
I apologize for a boring fight, I learned alot from it and I will be back better and smarter as a fighter.
“People’s Warrior”

Here’s the deal: the fight sucked because Josh Burkman is one dimensional and the only iota of success he had against Swick was when pushing him up against the cage working for a takedown. While you can blame Swick for all the boring times when they were circling eachother, Burkman gets just as much blame for all that cage-hugging shit. Burkman called it ‘aggressiveness and octogon control’. I call it terrible boring bullshit. This isn’t the Ultimate Hugging Championships, no matter how much JBURK and Timmy Sylvia might wish it was.

You know, I will meet him halfway though: I think he deserved the judge’s decision, just barely though. But considering he was given a gift decision against Forrest Petz, I’ll let this one slide. Karma’s a bitch, JBURK.

  • dignan (People's Asshole) says:

    Burkman? Fuck him.

    He is like an MMA window mannequin. A fucking poseur, who just wants to tell people he is a fighter, but avoids truly fighting at all costs.

    He has the ego 5 times greater than Tito’s, with 1/10th the skill.

    He’s not as big of an egotistical asshole crybaby as Kalib Starnes, but what are you going to do?

  • RoB says:

    did he really sign his name JBurk? that is fuckin gay!!

  • kentyman says:


  • queero mcgayguy says:

    I like how he’s the people’s “warrior”, like these mystery non-existant people who apparently give a shit about Josh Burkman don’t even think he’s good enough to be champion in the realm of faggots who aren’t any good

  • Michael says:

    I genuinely don’t know anyone (prior to the original post) that thought Burkman won. I know a ton of people said it should have been a draw and I can’t argue with that but every score from everyone I saw (including myself) had it 29-28 Swick if not a draw.

    To me failing at takedowns for 8 minutes is just the same as swinging and missing with your hands. You’re pretty much just standing there accomplishing nothing.

  • kentyman says:

    I completely agree with Michael.

  • Captain says:

    I’m no Burkman fan but I kind of see his point. Frankly, Swick’s style was kind of reminiscent of Sylvia’s style against Monson. Swick’s much more likeable than Timmy so no one’s hating on him though.

    I thought the fight should have been a draw.

  • dulljake says:

    There’s a term for Burkman’s Delusion; it’s called cognitive dissonance. Burkman is convinced he’s in the right, and any evidence to the contrary, he ignores, while focusing on the tidbits that confirm his deep delusion. If you want to be a good fucking fighter, recognize your weaknesses, and fix them. Don’t declare yourself the winner when you’ve been recognized as the opposite. And don’t self abbreviates your fucking name.

  • JBurk won that fight. A better question is why is the UFC is so lucky with their promotable guys (e.g. Swick, Bisping..)? They always seem to get their decisions.

  • FRANKIE says:

    Damn, Jake, learn to spell.

    Nobody won that fight, least of all the fans. Burkman was boring, Swick was boring, the whole thing was an atrocity. I hope they both get brutalized in their next fights.

  • fightfan says:

    You can ask teh UFC and “their” paid judges at the Hammill/Bisping fight. They gave rounds 2 and 3 to Bisping just because they coudl have the UFC whole marketing scheme blow up in their face.

    But seriously they gave rounds 2 & 3 to Bisping just because he was able to stay away, well run away from getting his face smashed in like he did in round 1. Otherwise they dont have draws because rds 2 & 3 were at best draws.

    But that is a great example of how judges favor people for defense. Bisping was able to get taken down twice in rd2 and rd 3 and not get face further smashed in. And Not get embarrased like he did in rds 2 and rds 3. So by defending himself better and taking any further damage, judges say he won 2 and 3…..Even though he did NOTHING better than Hammil did in 2 and 3.

  • dulljake says:

    no more instant spell check for me…

  • jfort and jburk spells guud

  • RoB says:

    RyHa is the Man ya dig

  • Lyoto's Little Lolita says:

    JBurk stole that kinda naming from JLo, oh my that’s gay. What a moran with bad grammer. The guy can’t even spell… “octogon”… please. He can do better then that.

  • Better THAN that :-) We all must be careful when mocking people’s spelling lest the Spelling / Grammar Police lay the smack down upon us in turn!

  • adc says:

    “When I would get ahold of him he would just hold on cause he felt safe there”

    What? It was Burkman himself who was just holding on. It’s should’ve been ruled NC, because both fighters were retards.

  • frickshun says:

    Ultimate Hugging Championship? Ha!
    Nobody else laughed @ that?

    I thought I accidentally sat on the remote & switched to Dancing w/the Stars the way they circled & danced around each other. At least in Final Fight, when Haggar hugged you, your ass was getting spun around & dropped on your head. JBurk needs to play more Final Fight.

  • Zurich says:

    Burkman is a douche… he looks like a miniature version of Keith Jardine.

  • Márcio says:

    I’ve seen some exciting fights with Mike Swick, can’t say the same about JBURP. The referee is to blame because he should have separated them more often, since he didn’t do that, I’m with adc… fights like these should start being ruled as NC.

  • Lyoto's Little Lolita says:

    “Better THAN that We all must be careful when mocking people’s spelling lest the Spelling / Grammar Police lay the smack down upon us in turn!”

    Oh damn. I also misspelled “grammer” and “moran”. Guess the jokes on me. : (

    Wait, I almost forgot, his nickname is JBurk. Therefore, the joke will ALWAYS be on him. : P

  • I completely agree with you 100% on that. What’s with fighters wanting the lamest nicknames ever?

  • kentyman says:

    Ryan “R-Hark” Harkness

    Did someone propose that yet?