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Jay Larkin takes care of himself

Most of the fighters on the IFL’s August card found out that the show was canceled via the internet or friends. I’m assuming this is because IFL head Jay Larkin fired pretty much everyone working for the company, so there was no one left to make the phone calls (and perhaps no phones left to make the calls themselves). But don’t worry folks: the guys at the top will be juuuuuuust fine:

The article does let us now that the IFL has about $2 million in cash on hand, which will mainly be used to tide over the executive level through the third quarter as they still actively look to sell or merge with another company.

If that wasn’t enough to piss you off, check out this quote from the head honcho himself:

Jay Larkin surveys the inaction with a weary, seen-it-all expression. “This isn’t my idea of fighting,” he says of the world’s fastest-growing spectator sport. “To me, two guys rolling around on the floor is tedious, like watching gay foreplay.”

That entire article is worth reading just to remind you how fucking stupid nearly anyone over the age of 50 sounds when they write about MMA.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    “To me, two guys rolling around on the floor is tedious, like watching gay foreplay.”
    If he had spent at least two minutes on the mat he wouldn’t be saying that.
    Guess he’s never got caught with knee on belly position, exhausted and your rolling with some one that out weighs you by 40lbs.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    Does that mean he watches gay foreplay but he find it boring so he skips to the action????

  • cyph says:

    A CEO who doesn’t believe in his own product = Epic Fail. IFL, please go away. I wish he’d let his his feelings known before all those shareholders got fleeced. After hearing that, I hope the IFL never put on another show ever.

    Say what you want about Dana White, but at least the guy believes in the sport and is enthusiastic about it. Jay Larkin should go back to boxing and never be allowed to run another MMA organization again.

  • “To me, two guys rolling around on the floor is tedious, like watching gay foreplay.”
    I(‘d like to see him say that to Big Nog or Matt Hughes

  • Mack says:

    He’s a boxing guy. We knew he thought that the whole time.

  • Ross says:

    Gay foreplay? Larkin proves himself to be a piece of shit. Dana isn’t perfect but he’s spot on in describing other MMA organisations as a pack of rats looking for a small piece of the UFC’s big cheese. The likes of Larkin and Gary Shaw continually prove this by doing all they can to make sure fights don’t spend much time on the ground. Maybe they should both work together and get into kickboxing instead.

  • S. Jennum says:

    Good … whatever minor guilt I felt over not supporting that league just vanished.

  • jose says:

    Interesting, I couldn’t find that quote. Did they remove it?

  • MarleyMarl says:

    what a piece of shit.

  • Michael says:

    That’s not his idea of fighting well it’s pretty funny that 9 out of 10 fights go to the ground or involve ground tactics.Comments like this made by suit and tie guys ,in their mind they just are in it for the money boxing they think to themselves now that’s a sport. We all know now that this piece of SHIT never cared about the sport ,hell he probably did’nt care about the fighters this piece of SHIT saw $$$$$$$$ and that’s it.When i heard his comment it made me think of the latest Affliction Presser Introducing Trump to MMA and when Trump was talking the reporter up front said “Hey Donald i’m an old time boxing guy how many rounds is this” These Fucking Old narrow minded fossils should go and jump in the nearest tar pits.Atleast Dana Loves the sport ,and after reading what this Larkin piece of SHIT said it makes me feel lucky to atleast know the UFC is headed by a man who cares about Mixed Martial Arts.