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Jay Hieron vs. Jesse Taylor

This one guy why walked by looked like Alan Thicke. Frank Shamrock on his way to ringside. I guess that means this has priority when it comes to airing a prelim. hmm…Scott Smith likes nachos. And beer. His kids are choking people out for pictures and he’s cheering it like a soccer game. “Fight For Your Right” is playing – maybe Kerry King’s solo will make up for only hearing the intro of Raining Blood earlier. Seriously, it looks like Vince McMahon is carrying trays of refreshments. Jess Taylor out to Reggae. Probable cause? He should have come out to something off of “Pimpin’ On Wax”. Arlovski to my right. He is a m-f’n TITAN. No sold his fans though. Cold blooded. Boos for Hieron. Taylor still looks like a Middleweight. This camera crane next to me could take out a village.

Sprawl city so far. Hieron on top as I type that. One single guy in the crowd booing very loudly and humorously. Taylor has a bloody nose. Jake Shields looks as big as Arlovski. Standup cheered like crazy. Big boos at the end of round one.

Round 2: Hieron gets a guillotine to mount and almost gets a RNC and arm triangle. Lets go and they roll over. That “boo” guy is at it again. Big cheers for a standup. Hieron with a big knee during a shot. Big Black from Rob and Big walk by. More pankcake by Hieron to end the round.

Scott Smith appears to be hitting on every girl who walks by him.

Round 3: Taylor finally gets top position; someone yells “TAYLOR YOU SUCK!”. No action. Psycho loud boos, and I think “California Love” was immediately played in an attempt to keep a riot from breaking out.

Hieron wins a unanimous decision.