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Jay Glazer wouldn’t have tapped. Oh wait, he did.

Mike Jarsulic from takes EliteXC commentator Jay Glazer to task for trash talking the guys who tapped out during the show:

In the opening match of the pay-per-view broadcast, Glazer ran down Victor Valenzuela when he criticized him for tapping out to a heel hook. He explained, doing his best Bas Rutten impersonation, that the heel hook is only a painful hold and cannot do much damage. It’s too bad that Glazer got his leg locks shuffled somewhere inside his head, since a heel hook is actually a very dangerous lock. A lot of Jiu-Jitsu schools have banned the use of the heel hook in training because there is a high probability of injury to the knee from the hold. The real danger of the heel hook lies in the fact that the pain in manageable to most until serious damage occurs.

The real burn comes later though:

Hopefully, someone at Showtime with realize that Jay Glazer’s ineptitude is both bad for their product and the sport of mixed martial arts. He is nothing more than a failed MMA fighter that has some experience doing sideline reports for the NFL. As a color commentator, he comes across as insecure with his place in mixed martial arts as Marlon Sims did on this season’s Ultimate Fighter. On a final note, both Glazer and Sims have lost by submission before. There’s nothing wrong with tapping out, unless you are a hypocrite about it.

  • Luke says:

    This might be unfair on MMA Torch’s part. Jarsulic is correct to point out the heel hook is very dangerous and can do serious damage. However, I don’t think Glazer is wrong; he just misspoke.

    I believe what he was referring to was the achilles lock. In whichever fight Glazer made the error, I remember the fighter who landed the heelhook had transitioned from the achilles lock.

    The achilles lock, unlike the heelhook, is not the most damaging lock. It’s very painful, but doing serious damage is difficult. What does this have to do with Glazer? As someone who stumbled their way through a commentating gig, finishing a thought is hard to do (I am a self-referencing asshole, but it helps illustrate my point). You have to explain things very quickly and often the action out paces the talking. I can point to two instances where in the course of finishing a thought I mischaracterized what I was trying to explain due to distracting action.

    If Glazer really thought a heel hook didn’t do damage, he wouldn’t belong in the commentating booth. But knowing a heel hook is dangerous is really white belt level knowledge of the sport. I doubt a professional MMA fighter is that naive.

  • Mike O says:

    dude has no idea how bad an achilles hurts when done properly. or he has forgotten, maybe.

  • Jonathan says:

    I have tapped from some guy getting mount on me. I’m a wuss.

    Heel hooks just stretch for me…like I want to thank the guy for doing it….plus, it gives me better position.

  • While you might be right about the specifics Luke, I think MMATorch was on the money regarding Glazer’s attitude towards tapping, which really is a dangerous and stupid position to take. While I loved the fact that Baroni didn’t tap, I didn’t love the fact that he looked like he was dead afterwards. Creating a climate in MMA where a guy who taps out is considered a quitter seems like a bad idea to me

  • Luke says:

    “dude has no idea how bad an achilles hurts when done properly. or he has forgotten, maybe.”
    I’ve tapped from achilles locks slapped on by sombo and bjj black belts. Yes, they hurt really fucking bad. But if you’re a professional fighter, you should probably not tap to a straight ankle lock unless you absolutely have to. It likely will not do any serious damage.

    As for Glazer, maybe his attitude is a bit off. I’ll have to watch the tape again.

  • rapist says:

    bro, he clearly said an inverted heel hook wouldn’t do any damage and that it was just a pain move, which is clear bullshit. I would love to see anyone walking normally after having someone crank a heel hook on you.