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Javier Mendez unsurprised Josh Koscheck wants him to die in fire

Josh Koscheck left his old camp AKA nearly half a year ago over a spat with head coach Javier Mendez, and you’d figure that would be enough time for tempers to cool and the situation to fade into the past. That isn’t going to be the case though, since it looks like the new AKA reality show Fight Factory is going to make the Kos / AKA split a focus of their first season. Above is a promo clip for the show where Josh jokes about AKA burning to the ground, preferably with Mendez inside.

Ariel Helwani caught up with Mendez in LA where he’s cornering Mike Swick this Saturday and asked him about the situation:

“He really hates me, so it didn’t shock me,” Mendez said. “That’s him, that’s who he is. That’s the person he is. It’s who he is. I’m not gonna let it affect me. We’re not friends.”

I like that response. “He’s a dick. That’s what he is. A dick. Dick dick dick dick dick.”