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Jason Miller talks Greasegate again

Jason Miller may be flying high off the decent ratings his show Bully Beatdown pulled, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten all about Greasegate:

“We go all the way up to the commission and from me getting beat up in the second round saying, ‘Hey, this guy is greased up,’ to BJ taking it all the way to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and them still saying, ‘Nah,'” said Miller. “Like look, don’t have the rule if you’re not going to enforce it. Don’t even have the rule. Let’s just cover ourselves in baby oil and let’s fight. Lets do it. Like I didn’t really care. I would fight Georges with a tire iron. We both have a tire iron and a trash can lid and I’d fight him like that. But that’s not the rules. The rules are don’t grease yourself up and he broke them, but no one gives a damn.”

Well, the real problem is no one can prove that Georges greased up. Standing on it’s own, the whole Phil Nurse backrub thing is borderline at best, and past that you just have a whole bunch of unsubstantiated claims from fighters who think Georges might have greased against them. As an informal body of evidence it’s not too bad. But how you can expect a governing body to take this shit at face value is beyond me. They kinda sorta have to go on what can be proved for certain one way or another.