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Jason MacDonald gets axed

Like waking up with syphillis after a night spent with an Atlantic City working girl, you could have guessed this one was coming. After getting utterly dominated by Nate Quarry on the undercard of UFC 97, veteran Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald has been cut from the organization.

MacDonald has an offenisvely bad nickname and loses even more points for trying to change it from “The Athlete” to “TUF Killer” after his subsequent victories over Ed Herman and Chris Leben (c’mon dude, everybody knows giving yourself a nickname is a Man Law violation). In any case, MacDonald’s .500 record in ten UFC appearances doesn’t do him justice as he consistently fought very tough opponents, including top contenders Yushin Okami and Demian Maia, as well as former champ Rich Franklin. While MacDonald has shown himself to be a solid gatekeeper in the 185 lb division, going 1-3 in four fights will get anybody cut. That is, except if your name is Chuck Liddell. Then you just get told politely to hang ’em up.

In response to being dumped after a relationship that had its share of ups and downs, MacDonald had this to say:

The good news is I can go out there and win a few fights and hopefully be back in the UFC before the end of 2009. It also opens up some other opportunities for me. It’s an opportunity for me to fight in the MFC and win that middleweight belt. I also wouldn’t mind fighting in Strikeforce. They’re looking for someone to fight Scott Smith. And I can beat Scott Smith. I’d also like to fight in Japan. I don’t know if I’d want to make a career there, but I’d like the opportunity to do that.

Strikeforce seems like a good fit for MacDonald, but I would definitely recommend getting a few wins in smaller shows first. With fighters like Robbie Lawler, Cung Le, Benji Radach, Joey Villasenor, Frank Shamrock, and Smith, Scott Coker’s middleweight division is full of dangerous guys. If MacDonald were to come in and lose that would mean he would be without a win in his past three fights, which could be temporarily detrimental to his career. On top of that, racking up a couple wins in lower level organizations would upgrade his marketability to a company like Strikeforce.