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Jason Guida causes a scene again

Who would have thought after what we saw of Jason Guida on TUF that he’d turn out to be some kinda big dope? When he acted the fool then, a lot of people seemed to give Clay’s brother the benefit of the doubt since weight cutting is known to turn even the nicest of dudes into complete jackholes. But last night, Jason cemented his personality during a ShoXC event in Indiana:

Controversy was also involved with the night’s semi-featured bout in which Mamed Khalidov TKO’d Jason Guida due to standing strikes at 4:53 of round 2.

For Guida, last night’s fight was an opportunity to redeem himself after failing to make weight on national television during the qualifying episodes for the current season of The Ultimate Fighter. However, he did very little in the fight to endear himself to fans.

At one juncture, a visibly winded Guida lost his mouthpiece during an exchange on the ground. The head official paused the contest in search of Guida’s mouthpiece and began to panic when he could not locate it. After a prolonged stoppage in which Guida was given time to rest, the referee finally found a replacement mouthpiece and instructed Guida to put it in.

Guida refused the referee’s instruction and the referee then walked to the cage door and informed officials he was about to disqualify Guida for refusing the replacement mouthpiece. Seconds later, Guida’s original mouthpiece suddenly reappeared.

Despite the extended rest, Guida was still gassed and was finished with only a few seconds remaining in thesecond round after Khalidov pressured him against the cage and began to unload on Guida, who did not answer any of Khalidov’s shots. The referee called a stop to the bout and an upset Guida actually pushed the official in protest of the decision.

Replays showed that most of the punches Khalidov threw actually landed on Guida’s arms as opposed to his face but the fact remains that Guida used a duck and cover approach while pinned against the cage as his defensive posture and failed to answer any of the strikes with punches of his own.

In addition to his stall tactics and decision to put his hands on an referee, Guida showed a continued lack of sportsmanship by storming out of the cage before the official decision had been announced to the crowd.

Jared Shaw always says “Love me or hate me, you’re talking about me and that means you’re talking about EliteXC.” But when people are talking about you as in you’re such a joke and you make EliteXC seem like a joke, is that REALLY supposed to be good? The same applies for situations like this where fighters create a total scene, and not in a good asskicking way.

We all laughed when EliteXC signed up Jason Guida, since his record was pretty mediocre and it seemed like an attention grab. Well, now he’s created headlines and we’re all talking about him. But it ain’t good stuff we’re saying.