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Jared Shaw thinks he’s not getting fired

Jared Shaw tried to refute the idea that his dad Gary was getting pushed out of EliteXC by CBS, and it’s much more interesting to read what isn’t said and what’s between the lines than what he actually says:

All the reports I have read have been absolutely erroneous. There’s no truth to CBS pushing Gary Shaw out or anything like that. Gary might not be as much in the limelight because of his other business, which is boxing. He’s also spending a little more time at home with the rest of his family. You’re going to see Jared Shaw everyday so you don’t have to think that Gary Shaw is gone. I don’t know why they would keep one Shaw and not another. We’re both here and Gary is still a major force. He’s still spoken to everyday-He’s a major part of this company and everything he’s done as a promoter we’ll continue to utilize and continue to follow his lead.

Of course, reading between Jared Shaw’s lines is like trying to find existential meaning in a kindergarden coloring book, but I’ll just point a few things out:

  1. Jared admits Gary is no longer around as much as he was
  2. Jared doesn’t seem to realize he’d get fired too if his dad was pushed out (gold!)
  3. Jared doesn’t seem to realize the two of them are supposed to be fired AFTER the July show
  4. Jared refers to himself in the third person (okay that has nothing to do with him getting fired … or does it? I’d never keep anyone around who did that. Fire him!)

Anyways, you really can’t put too much stock in what the victims of this situation are saying. While I’m sure they’re both very aware of what’s going on, I’ll also bet they’re working overtime to try and lock themselves in place. That means you’ll hear a lot more humming and hawing until a press release is put out saying they’ve left for greener pastures.