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Jared Shaw thinks Dana is insensitive

A few days ago Dana White called Jared Shaw a retard, and now we have the inevitable response. I’m sure many MMA reporters relished the opportunity to vicariously call Jared a retard to his face … how many other sports do you get to ask “So-and-so called you a fucking assface douche turd. Tell me what you think of that?”

Shaw recently told ( that he was unconcerned with White’s labeling of Shaw as a “retard,” but understands why others might be.

“Names will never hurt me,” Shaw said. “But I’m sure it may have hurt a lot of disabled and handicapped people in this world.”

I know if I was retarded (and yes, there are some days when I wonder…), I’d be insulted to be lumped into the same category as Jared Shaw.