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Jardine steps in against Thiago Silva

I’ve been pretty hard on Keith Jardine lately, mainly because it seems like every time the UFC gets stumped on the other half of a good headline fight, they just settle with Jardine. Chuck Liddell vs Keith Jardine, Quinton Jackson vs Keith Jardine … these are not main event fights, UFC!

But past that fact, I’ve slowly gained an appreciation for the unwilling Techno Viking lookalike. So now that the UFC announced he’d be taking Forrest Griffin’s place against Thiago Alves at UFC 102, I can actually look forward to one of his fights for once. I know … crazy, huh?

It’s hard to guess who’s gonna win because Thiago looked like an absolute schmuck against Lyoto Machida and Jardine held his own against Rampage Jackson. If it wasn’t for those last fights, I’d have Thiago taking this easy but now I’m not so sure.