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Japanese MMA jumps the shark

We all had a good time in the chat laughing at Bob Sapp taking on an anime character, but what does it say about the biggest MMA organization in Japan that they would put on this kind of retarded gimmick match on their biggest card of the year? Jackal Pontus said he felt like he was watching Japanese MMA jump the shark, and with the way the scene has been going for the last little while you might be able to point to this fight as the beginning of the end (or the end of the end depending on your opinion).

I mean, think about this: everyone in Japan is wondering why judo gold medalist Satoshi Ishii wants to fight for the UFC instead of in Japan. With Bob Sapp vs Anime Dude and fishy fights like Daisuke Nakamura vs Hideo Tokoro, the reason seems clear to me: the UFC is a legitimate fighting organization while FEG skews more towards pro wrestling theatrics. It’s hard to take anything they do seriously after watching this fight.

As for the fight itself, it was looking like it might be a bit of a bust. The guy playing Kinniku Mantaro is a serious amateur greco wrestler, and he used his skills to put Sapp on his back and keep him there for 5 minutes. But once Sapp muscled out a reversal it was all over for mighty Kinnikuman … his mask got moved around, he tried to readjust it, and ate a huge knuckle sandwich from Sapp right on the jaw. 30 seconds of Sapp pounding on him in the corner resulted in the ref stopping the fight. And thus a legitimate wrestling talent lost his first MMA match because he was paid to come out dressed like an anime character.

It was entertaining, exciting, and embarrassing all at the same time.