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Japanese fighters are horndogs

There’s a whole bunch of really good blogs dedicated to Japanese MMA, but most of them keep it kinda dry and to events + fights only. Which is why I find Suki’s MMA blog so interesting: she translates all the fucked up shit Japanese fighters say in their blogs. Yesterday I mentioned Akihiro Gono lamenting his need for a wife now that he can’t use his right hand. Well today he detailed his experience buying a Playboy magazine:

I got a message from my friend about the magazine, Playboy.   He recommended for me to go and get it because the photographs of Suzanne are really good.   I freaked out imagining having to walk 2 min. to the store.   Under the terrible pain I walked unnatural and that brings more pain.   What can I get by getting through this?   It’s Suzanne’s photograph which I have never seen and I want to see.   I took 500 yen and decided to go.

I felt dizzy, but I made it to a store and came home.   I drank an after workout protein drink as usual and put the playboy on the table.   I was satisfied seeing this magazine.   I wish I could enjoy more if I could use my right hand…

Ya never hear these guys talking like this when they know foreigners are listening. They’re all honor and respect and fighter’s spirit blah blah blah. I’m really getting a kick out of this view inside what’s really going on in their heads. Knowing who all the big Japanese fighters are jacking it to makes me feel more educated about the fight scene there. And reading about it from Suki is a lot less uncomfortable than having Jordan Breen keep bringing it up. I’m sorry, but talking about masturbation with him got creepy MONTHS ago.

  • kentyman says:

    So that’s what Jordan Breen’s Spank Bank is all about…

  • godzillad says:

    ”Although my fight is coming soon, I cannot stop thinking about Suzanne in the playboy magazine.”

    *spit take*

  • koolpaw says:

    wow, another lack of context for translation, i m now wondering how long that blog can do this without permission from fighters, teams, managers, Commercial News Site in Japan.

    yeah, Gono writes his blog with humors and wit. Doesnt pretend a “nice guy”. but u putted wrong pix for “Playboy Magazine in Japan” he went to buy Japanese original “Weekly Playboy” fighting against terrible pain on his right hand after surgery. And the Magazine`s cover girl is not a nude model. Just a Gravure in bikini.

    He didnt want Suzanne(Japanese girl but has non-Japanese girl stage name)`s nudity, OK? just in hot red bikini.

    Now U see how we Japanese are sophisticated and our sexual Imaginations are rich .

    Pain doesnt matter for us !!! Gono has proved it, HE DA MAN, REAL SAMURAI !!!

    oh wait?

  • Jack says:

    ProElite only has 6 events (unless you consider Kimbo and Tank trying to type in messages on a forum an “event”:
    • February 14th – EliteXC Fighters in the Forum
    • February 16th— EliteXC: “Street Certified”
    • February 22nd— King of the Cage: “Stand Off”
    • March 8th— Cage Rage 25: “Bring it On”
    • March 15th— Icon Sport: “To Hell and Back”
    • March 21st—ShoXC
    • March 29th—EliteXC/Strikefore: “Shamrock vs Le”

  • hbdale309 says:

    *jacks furiously to Suki’s picture*

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Isn’t Sakurai dating an AV idol? Trigg said that he’s dating the “Jenna Jamieson” of Japan. What’s her name? I might have seen her on the internet before if she’s really the “Jenna Jamieson” of Japan. 😀