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Japanese do it with point deductions

Japan does some things very right and some things very wrong when it comes to combat sports. Typically the way they structure their rules are in the ‘wrong’ category as far as I’m concerned. But K1 has a pretty interesting way of dealing with fighters who come into their fights over the weight limit:

A bit of controversy at yesterday’s weight-in. Andy Ologun did not make the weight of 70kg. He was 800gram over, and this puts a K-1 Rule that I was not aware of in effect. Fighters that are less than 1 kg over gets 1 point deducted. Less than 2kg over and they gets 2 points deducted, more than 2kg over and you are not fighting.

This means that Andy Olugun will go into his fight with Taishin Kohirumaki with 1 point disadvantage. Kohirumaki was not impressed and said “Everyone works hard to make weight, it is unprofessional to come in over.”

I like this idea a lot. Getting paid when your opponent comes in over is all well and good for making a few extra bucks, but it doesn’t make up for the advantage the other fighter has from coming in heavier and not cutting as hard. Point deductions based on weight means assholes coming in 9 pounds overweight face an uphill battle in the cage. Maybe we can combine both the purse transfer plus the point deduction for US mixed martial arts?