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Japan to sacrifice Sakuraba to their heathen gods?


Minute rumblings over the ‘web have turned into roaring thunder these past few days. The latest hot rumor no one can lock down is that new hotness Denis Kang will be facing old and busted Sakuraba. Of course, the general consensus even on the most asinine of forums is that Sakuraba is likely to die in the ring facing someone like Kang. My feelings is that any man who has survived what Sakuraba has survived simply cannot die. Sakuraba is indeed an immortal, and no matter how badly he may be pulverized by an opponent, he will either pull off an armbar or flying grease accusation for the win.

And come on now … this is Denis Kang we’re talking about. Kang has power in his hands, but he’s not exactly known for thrashing his opponents within an inch of their lives like Wanderlei Silva does. In fact, Kang seems like the kind of guy who’ll respect Sakuraba’s typical pre-fight request to ‘Prease no to be punching me in face’.

  • Jonathan says:

    My God I hope not.

    Introspective here. UFC are idiots for not signing Dennis Kang.

  • Denis who? You don’t even know his name 😉

  • Eric Mortonsen says:

    You wanna know someting? I used to baby sit Denis Kang when he was only 4 years old.. What a man he turned out to be… this will be interesting… UFC is too pushy..

  • GonzoDamon says:

    UFC wouldn’t sign him because they won’t break the scripture “Thou Shalt Not Covet Competition in Thy Neighbor’s Organization While Praying to the False Idol of UFC.”

    Apparently, Kang wishes to continue fighting in SpiritMC (?) still, or at least 1-2 a year.

    Unfortunately, this is the same scripture that keeps Fedor from signing with the UFC. Fedor wishes to continue competing in Combat Sambo in because he is the face of the sport in Russia.