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Jamie Varner’s career ending dive

If Jamie Varner is ‘faking it’ regarding the illegal knee that grazed his temple during his title defense against Donald Cerrone on Sunday, then he sure is taking the whole story as far as it can go:

“I broke my right index metacarpal, completely fractured,” Varner said on Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show on Wednesday. “So I have to get pins put in it [Thursday]. Then I go next week to see my eye doctor to make sure my retina isn’t detached. And if it’s detached it could be a career-ending injury.”

Varner, who said he is still having trouble with his peripheral vision four days following the injury, has been indefinitely suspended until he can provide medical documentation that says the eye has recovered.

Jamie has been digging himself a little bit of a hole lately regarding this whole situation. With comments like “No offense to the fans, but they’re a little bit ignorant and they have no idea the pain that I was enduring”, he’s been kinda sorta OFFENDING FANS. I know, I know: he said “No offense”, so it shouldn’t offend us. But sometimes when you say “No offense, but you’re ignorant”, people get a bit annoyed.

For me, my issue is this: I don’t care that Varner broke his hand and foot. My issue is solely with the stoppage over the illegal knee. The hand and foot don’t even come into the equation, unless you want to factor it in as extra motivation for Varner to punk out over the knee. I’m still trying to stay neutral in all this because the knee very well could have fucked Verner up, but Jamie sure is making it hard to sympathize with him. It’s one thing to come out and claim you didn’t take a dive, and quite another to make blanket statements about fuckface fans at the same time.