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Jamie Varner loses his belt

Benson Henderson continued his tradition of losing but winning, this time doing it in a more definitive way by catching Jamie Varner in a standing guillotine halfway through the third round. Up until that point the fight was pretty much all Varner, boxing up Henderson and at one point catching him in a standing guillotine of his own that would have tapped out most other competitors. I dunno if Benson refuses to submit because he believes in his ability to escape or just believes that Jesus didn’t tap, but he managed stayed in the fight and later caught Varner out of the blue with the same move. In stark contrast to Henderson, Varner tapped pretty damn quick.

Varner also added many douche points to his already high douche score by getting on the mic in the cage and saying “I was winning that fight. All he was doing was throwing were body kicks. I had the takedowns, I had the control. He didn’t want to box. I came to fight, Ben came to grapple.” So you can add being a poor bitch of a loser to Varner’s list of fine qualities. When you add winning like a bitch, punking like a bitch, and fighting like a bitch, I think Varner deserves a new Ultimate Bitch belt to make up for the WEC lightweight one he just lost.