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James Toney is going to get wrecked

Everyone knows James Toney has a 98% chance of looking foolish this weekend at UFC 118. While much has been made of that remaining 2%, everyone knows the score: anything COULD happen. But we know what’s probably going go to go down. So in anticipation of Toney getting his ass whupped in the cage, here’s his boxing promoter moving the goal posts a little:

Acknowledging that Toney is at a “severe disadvantage” in his upcoming fight with Randy Couture, Goossen released a statement to the media offering Couture the same payday he will receive at UFC 118 to face Toney in a 12-round boxing match.

Goossen’s 848-word missive includes a short history of Toney’s boxing success, admits “the odds are greatly against James” and essentially challenges Couture’s manhood in an attempt to set up payback for what seems to be an expected loss.

“If Randy Couture believes he would be at a severe disadvantage going against James in a boxing match and not accept this challenge, then all we have next week is a boxing legend taking up another challenge, in another sport, that few, if any, would be willing to do,” Goossen said in the statement. “Until that challenge is taken, James Toney will stand alone as one of the most gifted, true warriors of all time”

I’d say he’s one of the few former sports stars shameless enough to take a high profile beating in a sport he’s not familiar with for a payday. He and Jose Canseco can stand proud on that mountaintop if they want, I guess.

Adding to the overall amusement of the situation is the fact that his latest trainer is specifically forbidden to talk to anyone about that giant mysterious gut shaped lump on the front of James Toney’s body. And yes, I did say his LATEST trainer. From BE:

Toney initially was training with former Oscar De La Hoya and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson trainer Juanito Ibarra. Ibarra was a logical choice as he had big time boxing experience and MMA training experience. Toney’s long time boxing trainer Freddie Roach has trained multiple MMA fighters in boxing, but never been the head trainer for an MMA fight. It’s interesting to me that Roach isn’t involved in this camp. Toney’s relationship with Ibarra lasted from March to May.

It’s probably because Roach recognized a setup when he saw one and didn’t hide his opinion that the UFC was ‘just trying to use older boxers to make their sport look better.’

(pics of a recent Toney workout via CageWriter)