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James Thompson thinks GHB made him chinny

James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson has been blogging about MMA for the past couple of months and is putting down some surprisingly insightful thoughts for a guy best known for inventing the ‘gong and dash.’ It’s also always interesting to read perspectives coming from different backgrounds. Thompson’s life has included stints as a bodybuilder / bouncer / repo man / Japanese freakshow fighter, so he has some stories to tell. Like how he thinks his ‘glass jaw’ problem has a lot to do with using GHB:

When I started using this substance heavily, I thought I’d cracked it! Here was something that was inexpensive that I could have a great night on (if used carefully) and the big bonus!?! No hang over the next day! I’d get in at 4am, worse for wear, (quite possibly the biggest understatement I have ever made) have a very deep sleep till 8/9am and then get up feeling well rested and ready to train.. No problems.

But like so many things in life it comes with a price. The more I used, the more my tolerance to it built up, so gradually I would need to take more for it to take effect. Then I started to notice the headaches. I NEVER get headaches, but after these nights out (that were becoming more and more regular) I felt like my brain had been fried, then frozen, then put in a vice.

Like any truly retarded young chap, I forgot about it and ventured on. The next price to pay was me noticing that I was getting buzzed (dizzy after being hit- which is normal- but was happening more often than it should’ve) a lot in training, and then flash knock downs were happening, not only in training but in my fights too. Still…2+2 wasn’t making 4 as of yet for me.

I have to say; this is not an excuse. I made a decision to keep taking GHB even when I started to have an inclining that it may have been bad for my health and lively hood. All I can say on reflection is we really do live and learn!!

There was a well-known Mma fighter that I’m sure went down this path with GHB, suffering bad K’O losses towards the end of his career. I decided to edit the section on him out as reading it back I thought it was unfair as he didn’t have a choice in what I wrote. I mention it to highlight the fact that I really do think GHB has a detrimental effect to us lot that get hit in the head for a living.

I also have to point out that not all my KO losses are down to GHB. As much as I’d like to neatly place them in to that box and bury them for ever more… I can’t. I wasn’t taking GHB that often when Neil Grove sparked me right out and that was the first and only time I’ve been completely out of it.

So is Thompson onto something or just g-tarded? This sounds like a job for SCIENCE! Quick, let’s go to the National Institute for Health Research and demand £100,000. Half will go to buying several buckets worth of GHB and the other half to gypsies who’ll drink the stuff and then punch each other in the face until we have some hard stats on the subject.

  • glassjawsh says:

    dear asshole moron idiot, you getting knocked the fuck out by no names has infinitely more to do with you REGULARLY GOING OUT UNTIL 4AM when you should have been getting rest and training (since you’re a fucking professional fighter) then with your consumption of date rape drugs (which is of course ironic because judging from ryan’s favorite picture of you, I would have assumed you’d be administering it…)
    you are a fuck wit


  • Remico says:

    Concussions are cumulative, we know that, having a severe concussion (which a knockout is) increases your chances of having another concussion by 400% by some studies, it’s not a GHB conspiracy.

    How dare you try to sully the good name of GHB with your slander.

  • iamphoenix says:

    ^still hate you.

    ps, what the fucked happens to the forams!

  • ButtHorn says:

    Whats in that picture?

    Is that what it seems to be?

    Or is that just what English people do on the weekends.

    Or both.

  • Raymundo says:

    Can’t argue with that one man, 155 and 205 are stacked at the top 170 and 185 have a lot of great fiegrhts but not a lot of elite guys to fight the Champs. I don’t want to take anything away from Anderson who has finished darn near everyone he’s fought in the UFC but let’s be honest with ourselves. Would he really have been able to dominate the LHW division they way he has at MW? Yeah he’d probably have held the belt but I don’t know that he would have defended as many times as he has at MW against one trick pony’s like Maia and Leites. Oh well, Anderson is still the GOAT reagardless. I just would have liked to see him at LHW against guys like Machida, Rampage and Jon Jones but he’s cemented his legacy at MW and thats okay with me.