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James Thompson on fight fixing

James Thompson, who’s been involved in a few shady fight outcomes over the years, talks about fight fixing on his blog:

In my own career, no MMA Fight Organisation or promoter has ever asked me to throw a fight. It has never happened and I would be shocked if it did.The most that has been asked of me was when I was fighting in Japan (what I was asked was nothing like being asked to throw a fight- but I mention it to let you know the type of things a fight org might say to a fighter). I was asked, badgered and generally pestered to do the ‘gong and dash’ (running at my opponent at the sound of the bell). This was at a time I didn’t really want to do it, since people had got wise to it and I was getting caught out as I rushed them. But I was never threatened or forced to do it.

I was offered a KO bonus against Kimbo (which I had never been offered before for Elite XC) but I can’t see anything wrong with this, although it could be seen as a way to steer the fight in a certain direction. All fights come with these sorts of incentives these days.

People often ask me about the Kimbo fight and if the ref was ‘paid off’. My answer to this is ‘no I don’t think he was at all’. I do think he was swayed by promoters screaming at him to stand the action up and he acted in a biased fashion, add in the fact that Dan Miragliotta has a slightly higher IQ level than a block of cement then it makes sense that he’s going to listen to the powers that be, shouting orders, but I don’t suspect money was exchanged. He was on their payroll, so loyalties led with pleasing his bosses. Was it fair? like fuck was it but shit happens.

Let’s take my last fight against Pudz. It wasn’t fixed, no money was exchanged but that’s because it didn’t need to be. Just take a ‘Polish hero’ add three Polish Judges that are around the Polish Mma scene, mix in the fact that they even train with some of the fighters they’re judging and your final outcome is the ‘fucking joke’ of a result we saw ( before KSW reversed the decision to a N/C).

  • Reverend Clint says:

    interesting i always figured the japanese wanted him to go all nuts in the ring.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    He actually sounds kinda smart here.

    I smell a fix.

  • TheTuchusTantalizer says:

    I dont know if James Thompson is aware of this (or even wants to be), but just hiring James Thompson is how an even half awake promoter legally guarantee’s a desired outcome.

  • Giallo says:

    Dan Miragliotta got the submission of the night bonus

  • Nachtfalter says:

    It’s kind of sad that a professional fighter apparently is not aware of the fact that (at least in North America as in the mentioned EliteXC fight) referees are not at all employed by the promoter. I’d say that’s what a little too much gong and dash is gonna do to your brain, but Thompson is far from the only fighter without a damn clue about the business they are a part of.