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James Thompson knew who he was shoving

Since the NJAC released a buttload of statements trying to justify their actions on Saturday night, it’s been one athlete after another coming out and basically calling them on their bullshit. Today’s example of this is from James Thompson, who took exception to the idea that he thought Dan Miragliotta was Kimbo when he shoved him:

“You see, this is what almost is the most annoying to me, is the fact that I was just so disgusted and that I was so in shock by it. In disgust, I kind of shoved him. I went to shove him away and I caught his face. Now, I did that completely knowingly and completely purposely. It’s kind of like they take pity on me. Someone said “Oh, I think he thought I was Kimbo.” It’s even more insulting. Don’t get me wrong, I was rocked. But I was completely coherent. I saw him stop it; I followed his hands; I looked right back (and) I said to him, “What are you doing?” For him to say that he thought I thought he was Kimbo is absolutely ridiculous. I’d rather just get fined if that’s the case. For him to say I thought he was a black man with a beard- it’s insulting, basically.”

What’s funny is this probably IS going to result in Thompson getting suspended and fined by the NJAC. I’m sure they were willing to overlook it if Thompson kept his mouth shut, but I doubt they’ll let someone shove a ref and then flaunt it without getting a good 4-6 month vacation to think about what he’s done. Who knows, maybe the suspension will be long enough for James to pick up some skills or something.

  • Big Dans on the Jordan Breen show right now talking about the stoppage.

  • Scottie G says:

    Gotta love the last line: “For him to say I thought he was a black man with a beard”


  • garth says:

    good load, james thompson looks halfway in the grave there. he may be coherent, but not for long.

  • Carcass says:

    Nah, he always has that ‘special needs’ look about him, like he needs to wear a helmet all the time.

  • James Thompson before a fight:

    James Thompson after a fight:

  • ninjitsu says:

    Yeah, “I slapped that ref on purpose!”. Awesome.

  • Popetastic says:

    The guy got totally shit on by Elite XC, Gary Shaw, CBS, NJAC and probably some of the dirty skanks prowling the Newark streets.

    He comes off as intelligent and respectful of the sport in this interview.
    James: Go back to Xtreme Couture and stay there.

  • Asbel says:

    I hope that ref gets a 6 month suspension. Really, they need to be held accountable.

    And to those who think Kimbo was going to finish Thompson off anyway. You ignore that Kimbo has shit for a gas tank. Kimbo couldn’t even finish walking across the cage after the fight. He plopped his ass in the middle of the ring like every other crappy HW with no cardio.

  • Throwback says:

    I think its safe to say that if James really was out of it he would’ve been layed out like all the other times he was KO’d. He was still able to fight, but Elite XC had to protect their meal ticket and saw perfect time to do so. Can anyone please tell me why the cauliflower ear wasnt taken care prior to the fight( the day before )? I knew right when he was making his ring entrance that was going to be an issue. Makes me think that Elite XC warned James to not have it drained or else…

  • The ear was ‘insurance’. It’s almost as if they wanted to have it on the verge of popping so as to give their meal ticket an easy out. We know of course that would never happen.

    Its amazing that it took 3 rounds for Kimbo to click and aim for that big target.

    Im surprised Elite didnt break a few of Thompson’s limbs just to be on the safe side. I wouldnt have been surprised to see Thompson enter the ring in a cast.

    Im not saying anything bad about that dumb brit. He showed a lot of heart, could/should’ve won and proved everyone wrong. He’d rather get a suspension than collaborate the ‘official’ version. That and the ref love tap on top of the fight he had is all things that make me like him more… and I couldnt have given a fuck before. I hope he gets that bonus, definitely deserves it.

    As for the glassy look, check the other rounds where Kimbo layed 4-5 good punches in a row…same dead look.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    It’s only a matter of time before EliteXC’s meal ticket gets embarrassed in the cage. James Thompson had him at the end of the second round—even Bas Rutten agreed that the fight could have been stopped and he would not have argued. EliteXC had better do a better job of finding tomato cans for Kimbo to fight in the future. Finding them and trying to promote their organization with a straight face is not going to be easy.