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James Irvin tests positive for some fucked up shit

So they found methadone and oxymorphone in James Irvin’s piss test – two very strange things to find indeed. Methadone I’m sure we’re all relatively familiar with … it’s Heroin Lite. Oxymorphone is just a really cool scientific improvement on morphine, which is a pain killer.   All in all, not the kind of thing you’d expect a guy like James Irvin to be on.

If that wasn’t strange enough, get this: another fighter just tested positive for oxymorphone as well. Justin Levens, who was supposed to fight for Affliction but got bumped due to time constraints, also had RETARDED amounts of oxymorphone in his system. Like ‘ the nanogram cutoff for Oxymorhone is 120 ng/ml and Levens’ sample tested at 10,141 ng/ml’ amounts. Personally, this makes me go “Hmmmmmmm”. Two fighters who were tested at the same lab in the same time frame come back positive for a drug that fits more with old and busted fighters like Joe Riggs or Bas Rutten. Doesn’t that sound a bit too coincidental?

Anyways, I don’t wanna put my tinfoil hat on too firmly because painkillers are becoming a bigger ‘thang’ than steroids in MMA and it could be that this shit will replace nandrolone as the hip drug to get busted with. But as it stands, I just find it very strange that two guys tested positive at the same exact time for the same very specific drug that no one else has ever been busted for in MMA (or at least that’s what Google tells me).