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James Irvin talks Silva and bad luck

Although we managed to get a transcription of the conversation that led to the booking of James Irvin vs Anderson Silva, Fighters Only has done an okay job themselves by getting an interview with Irvin:

“Seriously, I was afraid I would lose this fight,” he revealed, before clarifying that he means lose “in the sense that it would be taken away and offered to someone else.”

“For me it’s a huge opportunity to be offered this fight, especially as I had to pull out with that foot injury recently,” says Irvin.

“I was told that four other people in my weight class turned the opportunity down, I couldn’t believe that.

“A lot of people talk to Joe Rogan in the Octagon and they say they will fight anyone but obviously that isn’t true, it’s all just bullshit. But I mean it.”

James also addresses his reputation as the unluckiest fighter in the universe:

“Am I the unluckiest guy in MMA? You got that right!” he says. But he is hoping karma will run in his favour when he faces Silva.

“The way I look at it, I’ve had so much bad luck, I have got to be due some good!”

Hmm, I don’t really remember any stories about a guy who had really bad luck all the time until suddenly he had really good luck. In general, bad luck stories usually go on and on until a person is inevitably struck by lightning or caught in the clinch by Anderson Silva. In this case, my money is on the lightning.

  • #1 Jackal says:

    Well at least Anderson will get to visit his mother sooner than expected.

    War Irvin

  • jakey says:

    irvins one of those musclebound guys like franklin is. i dont think he ll have the speed or agility to cope with silva.

  • Vee says:

    Noting, recovery time, medical suspensions, the time it takes to train, and just personal down-time, with all the recent evidence of fighters turning down fights for whatever reasons, the game is filled with bullsh*tters. Why would a LHW fighter turn down an opportunity to fight a UFC champion with a big reputation? I really would love to find out who turned down the fight.

    But while Irvin admits that the Brazilian “is more well rounded”, his love of the clinch has been noted with interest. “I don’t think he ever looks to take people down, it seems he likes to fight in the clinch. Well, that is my favourite thing, so I expect there will be a lot of knees and elbows exchanged,” is his prediction for how their fight will play out.
    ———– This fight should be Great! I hope that neither fighter falls early in the 1st or 2nd round. I’m definitely an Anderson Silva fan, but I don’t know why some people think Irvin will be easily defeated.

  • godzillad says:

    I don’t know who “jakey” is, but he seems retarded.

  • jakey says:

    I don’t know who godzillad is but he seems to like it up the butt

  • fightfan says:

    Would like to know the 4 who turned down a fight with Silva??!!??

  • Asa says:

    Talking shit is one thing Jakey, but doing it that lamely is fucking unacceptable.

  • jakey says:

    that asshole started it asa

  • Jester says:

    Jakey.. Musclebound?? The guy looks pretty lean to me. Jesus, if you want musclebound, check out Monson (when on the juice)

  • jakey says:

    i just think his body type will work against him

  • #1 Jackal says:

    “his body type will work against him”

    They are the same height. And they will be weighing close to the same. So how do they have such a different body structure? Irvin appears more muscle out and not as lanky but they are the same height. Not much difference between the two. Other than Anderson will be asleep the night they fight. (My wishful thinking)

  • jakey says:

    What I mean is I get the impression that Irvin is one of those top-heavy guys whereas Silva’s lankier/lighter and this might give him a speed advantage when throwing kicks & punches

    maybe I’m wrong – we’ll see what happens – should be a great fight anyways