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James Irvin prepping his excuse

Mark August 12th down on your calendar as the day James Irvin tries to talk his way out of a banned substance suspension from the NSAC:

Light heavyweight James Irvin (Pictures) plans to speak in person before Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding recent allegations of painkillers use. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled on Aug. 12 to review Irvin’s temporary suspension and schedule a disciplinary hearing where the Sacramento fighter will have the opportunity to address the five-member commission.

The Sacramento native allegedly tested positive for the non-approved analgesic painkillers Methadone and Oxymorphone, according to a post-fight urinalysis collected after his July 19 TKO loss to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (Pictures) in Las Vegas.

It’s interesting, though. The Sherdog article then goes and talks about the circumstances surrounding Irvin’s booking, which kinda sorta does some explaining on its own. Irvin accepted the fight on short notice while recovering from a broken foot. Is it possible that meds taken for the broken foot were the cause of the positive? Or is that kinda a stupid theory? When I broke my arm they just slapped a cast on it and sent me home with no fun drugs. But this is socialist Canada, where health care is cheap in more ways than one.

Another thing to consider: different drugs turn up different ways. When Tim Credeur took Adderall, it was revealed that Adderall doesn’t show up on drug tests as Adderall … it shows up as speed. So while methadone might seem insanely hardcore, perhaps there’s a more innocent explanation to this whole situation. Maybe.