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James Irvin is a “no-heart coward”

Yeah yeah … Fightlinker should be called the “Things I don’t like” site because all I do is bitch bitch bitch. I’m not gonna deny it, so how about I just get all of it out of the way and the we can go back to being PLUR. Here’s some shit I hate:

  • Yappy little dogs
  • Impatient people who honk their horns while waiting for people outside my house
  • Talent shows like “American Idol”, “So you think you can dance?”, and “The Ultimate Fighter”
  • Fighters who call other fighters pussies for not continuing after an illegal blow.

That last one happens a lot. You’ve got John Alessio doing it to Brock Larson, the universe doing it to Shinya Aoki, and now we have Luis Cane doing it to James “Bad Luck” Irvin: Your first performance was at UFC 79 and you had a controversial outcome. You were disqualified against James Irvin (Pictures) for striking his face with your knees when he was on the ground. You’ve got angry with him, saying he was pretending to be injured to stop the fight. Tell us a little about this whole situation.

Cane: The result of this fight was a little disappointing because I was hired by the UFC thinking I would face a real athlete. But in the end, I fought against a coward in a no-heart fight. If that kneeing really knocked him out, any child could do the same. But this fight is already part of the past. My new fight against Lambert will be my true first combat at the event and this time against a real fighter.

You can watch a video of the incident above, and make up your own mind. Me, I think if Irvin was acting he deserves an Academy Award for that shit. Especially at the end when he almost falls down the stairs leaving the Octagon all groggy-like.

  • that was straight knee to the eyeball. Cane is a douche bag for calling Irvin not a real athlete who has no heart.

  • godzillad says:

    I was there live, the whole arena wanted to lynch Cane. Seriously, Irvin is a giant babyface and for someone to do that is grounds for murder.

    Not to mention the fact that Cane walked around the Mandalay Bay all night apologizing to everyone, even the bartenders and bellhops and shit.

  • Alex says:

    Mazagatti is the worst referee in the universe, and luis cane is a dickwad. And james irvin has terrible tattoos 😀

  • fightfan says:

    I have seen Sherk, as well as many other take much harder blows…..but who is to say if Irvin was really that fucked up or not. Maybe he was.

    What was ridiculis was the fact that it took Irvin lying there curled up, fetal like, for at least a minute before anyone went to see why he was face down on the octagon for the past 60 seconds…No doctors, no on efrom his corner, not even pornstache checked on him until they realized he may be dead.

  • It’s cause no one pays attention to the prelims in vegas, not even the doctors 😉

  • Erin says:

    How ’bout instead of calling the guy that got knocked loopy on an illegal shot a “coward”, Cane actually mans up and admits that he fucked up?

    Nice attempt at deflection.

  • Burtonchik says:

    mentioning plur on a fighting website is a travesty

    keep that shit under wraps!!!

  • Procannonfodder says:

    Robert De’niro couldn’t have made that look any better. Obviously Irvin wasn’t acting. If I was him, I’d fire my cornermen or slap the Dr. and ref around for letting me lay on the mat for that long before checking on me.

  • kentyman says:

    “If that kneeing really knocked him out, any child could do the same.”

    “I throw knees (to downed opponents) like a child.”

  • goo says:

    Maybe its because I fancy Aoki, and the fighters doing the accusing tend to come off like dickheads, but I always sympathise with the person who got fouled.

    If you’re messed up even a little bit, you’re totally at a disadvantage going back in there from being knocked about the head or smacked in the dick or something.

  • Aoki never took a shot the back of the head…. so says Bas who is GOD!

  • Alex says:

    I just watched the Aoki fight, and he totally did get hit in the back of the head. The replay showed the wrong elbow

  • kentyman says:

    But clint, Frank Trigg also says he didn’t get hit in the back of the head, and he’s always wrong.

  • true but Bas is like 10x better than Frank Trigg. And every person on that panel agreed that Aoki never took a shot the head just the back.

  • allelbows says:

    PLUR? *shakes head* I had to look that up. Burtonchik’s right, maybe you ought to keep that under wraps.

    Or not. You seem to okay with that picture of you in the Spongebob shirt.

  • Fatal Error says:

    I’d rather take the knee that Irvin did than any of the knees that Cheick Kongo threw to Mirko’s junk.

  • Tommy says:

    We are now visiting with the Mad Rapper. Tell em why your mad son, tell em why your mad.

  • jakey says:

    maybe not an academy award but definitely a golden globe

  • el feo XIII says:

    PLUR…haven’t heard that one in a while

  • unfortunately for Louie (whoever the hell he is) that’s just asking for the karmic powers at be to set up Lambert to give him the Babalu treatment.