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Jake’s thoughts on UFC:97

You can lose a battle even though you never made a mistake. Sometimes your opponent is simply too much for you. Witnessing such an encounter is, for the spectator, a glorious and entertaining affair. Usually.

A few days ago, you could have asked me who I would send to fight the intergalactic tyrant, Zorgon the Wet, I would have pointed to one Anderson Silva. To be fair, my confidence in the man had been shaken after seeing his performance against Cote, but the aptly named “UFC: Redemption” was his chance to silence all the haters and solidify his legacy as a fighter.

What we got instead was 25 minutes of fucking around. Leites, who proved to be every bit the outclassed scrub he first appeared to be, showed that he had nothing in his arsenal that could pose a serious threat. At times, I counted a full 50 seconds in between his punches. Silva, on the other hand, looked like a predator bored with his prey, waiting for things to get heavy before finally finishing it off. He seemed more interested in dancing than fighting. It looked a lot more like a shitty sparing match than a fight.

The booing was omnipresent the whole time, and Silva showed that he couldn’t give a shit about what we think, and that’s a big part of the problem. The Pound for Pound moniker has shielded his ego from criticism. The man actually thinks he fought a perfect fight. Perfectly uneventful, perhaps.

Had this been Pride, Silva would have been penalized for having a boring fight, and his cocky expression would have taken a bit of a blow. How Silva can still think he deserves this title is beyond me. As far as I’m concerned, the likes of GSP, Torres and Fedor would have finished a can like Leites is the first rounds rather than let it drag on to a decision. All Silva proved was that he was too scared to trade, and too worried about his legacy to give a shit.

I used to be a Silva fa, but his unapologetic smirk needs to be smacked off by someone actually interested in fighting rather than dancing. What I love the most about this sport is the quiet humility and dignity of its athletes. Most guys would have apologized to no end for having such a fight, but Anderson’s belligerent attitude is a testament to the corrupting influence of fame and fortune. Whoever Silva’s next opponent is, they have my full endorsement and support. Someone beat the shit out of this motherfucker, please.