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Jake’s thoughts on Roger Huerta’s career move

I hate pretty boys. Sure, sometimes they try and do cool things, like MMA, but once the modeling agency calls back, they just spend the next 10 years posing in their underwear and fucking beautiful women. Am I jealous? Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

I liked Roger Huerta when he was trying to work his way towards something. In the Octagon, a pretty face doesn’t really mean shit, and Roger was working hard to gain legitimacy. It took him a little while; we all knew that he was being shopped around to mainstream media specifically because he was pretty, but eventually he started facing real opponents. When he beat our boy Clay Guida, we finally had to admit that Huerta had talent. What he doesn’t have is a fighter’s heart.

His decision to leave the UFC is probably the result of being offered a bunch of shitty roles from Hollywood slick types hoping to cash in on his popularity. These greasy salesmen type guys have probably filled his head with the possibility of becoming a big star. It’s all bullshit really; only a tiny portion of Hollywood actors actually make it, and they usually have to do more than simply smile at the screen. People love a pretty face, sure, but that doesn’t carry a whole movie. Huerta is guilty of believing his own hype, which anyone will tell you is the worst thing you can do.

He hopes that his fans will continue to support him on his endeavors, but why should they? They are fighting fans, and he’s about to become the biggest and softest pussy around by going to Hollywood Land. I respect guys that have the courage to stand and fight in a cage. It takes guts and determination to get there. What I don’t respect is some pretty boy cashing in on his good looks and pretending that his new found career has the same nobility and dignity.

I got a prediction for you Roger: You’re going to find that the fast promises made to you won’t live up to your expectations, and that your bargaining power is going to diminish every minute you aren’t considered a fighter anymore. By the time you figure out you were played by these guys hoping to make a quick buck out of you, it’ll be too late for you to make a successful comeback. Besides, you’ve burned the bridge with the UFC bad enough that even if they let your sorry ass back in, they would feed you to some powerhouse newcomer that will spank your ass and send you back to the trailer park.

Career fail.