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Jake Shields won’t be coaching TUF

It looks like it’s going to be Koscheck or Semtex, because Jake Shields is out of the running:

One rumor that has been widely discussed is the potential for Shields to appear opposite UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in the upcoming 12th season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

While it would be premature for White to promise such an appearance considering Shields is still under contract with Strikeforce, the UFC exec said the pending start of filming means that his potential new employee simply can’t be considered for the show.

“The problem with ‘TUF’ is that you have to pull the trigger, and you have to make decisions on that immediately,” White said.

“We actually just cast [‘TUF 12’] last week. We start filming in five weeks.”

This is probably for the best since TUF needs a certain amount of dickhead drama on the coaching level that simply wouldn’t exist between Shields and GSP. It’d be all butt kissing and mutual admiration, and who wants to see that kind of shit?

One interesting rumor I’ve heard though is that the UFC might not keep Georges on the shelf if he coaches TUF, meaning that we could see another fight from him between now and the end of TUF 12 sometime in January 2011. All I can say to that is YES PLEASE.