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Jake Shields tested positive for something

Continuing the trend of regulatory bodies not giving us the whole story when it comes to fighters getting TRT exemptions or failing tests, Colorado’s Office of Boxing Licensure suspended Jake Shields for 6 months and fined him 5500 bucks for failing his drug test after fighting Ed Herman at UFC 150.

What did he test positive for? Who knows! Well, other than Jake Shields and the Colorado commission. And they aren’t saying. Here’s Jake’s statement regarding the subject:

“Prior to my professional bout at UFC 150 in Denver, Colorado, I used a substance prohibited by Colorado Boxing Commission rules.

This was a mistake that I fully regret. I have shared this issue with my family and the UFC and I have apologized to them and now I also apologize to you, the fans. I promise this will never occur again in my fighting career.”

This leaves us fans in an interesting position where we have to regularly guess who’s cheating and how. Six month suspensions are typically for less serious stuff like marijuana or diuretics, but there’s also a rumor floating around that he had an elevated testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. Which would explain why he didn’t just say “I train with the Diaz brothers and yeah, nuff said. Peer pressure is a terrible thing.”

It may also explain why his win over Ed Herman was overturned. But given the unprecedented levels of reefer madness in MMA at the moment, it wouldn’t surprise me if you can get a fight result overturned even if the substance in question wasn’t performance enhancing.

But what the fuck are we doing being all Sherlock Holmes about this shit? The guy tested positive for something. The fight has been overturned. And yet here we all are pretending what he failed for is just a tiny insignificant detail we needn’t go into. Stop asking questions and go on with your life. No need to wonder what’s going on behind the curtain.