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Jake Shields says Mayhem beats women

More woman beating accusations – this time from Jake Shields at Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller:

We went back and forth for a bit and finally I reminded him of the fact that [inaudible] the last fight he won, he beat up his girlfriend and went to jail for it. Bringing up some old stuff, it’s kinda messed up but he’s trying to play it low so I’m gonna play low back.

That’s Jake Shields in Nashville walking us through the twitter battle that erupted between him and Mayhem Miller after their first fight. The fun thing about that particular story is that Mayhem didn’t beat up his girlfriend, he beat up the dude she was with after kicking down her door. In self defense, apparently. Although I think you can probably put ‘kicking through a door’ up there with ‘getting in someone’s grill in the cage’ or ‘slapping someone in the face’ as a good way to start a fight.