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Jake Rossen is at it again

Jake Rossen never passes up an opportunity to write an article on who’s washed up and why. I’m actually pseudo-impressed at how many ways he’s managed to say the same thing: who should retire, farthest falls from grace, worst beatdowns, biggest underachievers, weakest chins, and on and on and on.

I have to wonder what it’s like at the big ol Sherdog meetings where everyone’s pitching column ideas:

Loretta: So what are you thinking about, Jake?

Jake: How about this! An article where I talk about who sucks and why!

Loretta: Oooh, what an original idea, Jake! (rolls eyes)

Still, this latest offering about top fighters who find themselves ‘near the bottom’ is interesting just because rather than suggesting retirement (like most Rossen articles do), this one actually has practical ideas on returning to form. Except for Ken Shamrock – that dude needs to retire!