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Jackson vs Griffin has no heat

Remember back when Griffin vs Jackson was announced, everyone thought it was going to be the event of the summer. Now the show is just over a week away and there’s not really all that much hype surrounding it. The Ultimate Fighter 7 fell flat on delivering any kind of animosity, unless you hope to see Forrest avenge his go-kart loss or Quinton being pissed off about a dumb game of horse. Sports Illustrated even dedicated an article to the complete lack of heat behind this fight.

Even when there’s a media conference call, these two can’t find anything interesting to say about eachother. That’s not to say they’re not interesting or funny … they just can’t seem to do anything about their fight.

The most interesting thing to come out of today’s call is from Quinton Jackson talking about the TUF finalists:

Jackson: I think they’ll both do pretty well in the UFC. I think CB has a lot of growing up to do you know what I’m sayin? He has a lot of learning, act like he didn’t tap and all that stuff was just kind of.. That was kind of despicable in my books but you know I think Amir is going to be tough. He’s going to be good for the UFC. I’ve never seen a Muay Thai guy submit too many people.