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JackalTV: Not Giving a Fuck

Above: An inspiring video about a system that will change your life.

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High as Fuck: A journey through many a Jackals daily life

Michael Jackson is Dead: A fitting tribute to the “King of Pop”

Rap Chop: I love watching the tv infomercials just to make fun of them

Pig: Saw this a few years ago… its a semi true story

MMA Slams: Rep. Ingersol: If this was only real… I might vote for this guy

Affliction Trilogy Trailer: A quick commercial for the card

Brock Lesnar Youth Wrestling: Unfortunately this isn’t a video of Brock wrestling a 10 yr old… at least at his current size.

High as Fuck:

Michael Jackson is Dead:

Rap Chop:


Hobo Murder:

Affliction Trilogy Trailer:

Brock Lesnar Youth Wrestling: