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JackalTV: When they were mortal…

(Above)Anderson Silva getting owned (thanks BK): Anderson Silva wasn’t always unstoppable. Here’s a video of him back before the Nogueria brothers taught him the ground game.

The rest of the videos are embedded after the jump!

Cung Le throwing people around (thanks Swedish Guy): Apparently this is proof that Cung Le can throw around people, although if he can manage to do that shit in MMA he’s been keeping it a pretty good secret thus far in his career.

Double Knockdown (thanks Hattori Hanzo): Interesting boxing situation where both boxers flash KO’ed eachother.

Travis Fulton vs Jeremy Bullock: TaeKwonDo at it’s best (or worst). Poor bastard was probably giving up 50 pounds to his opponent.

Daiki Tsuchiya vs. Hidenori Nishino: Jordan Breen says this is Fight of the Year so far. Whadda you think?

Pat Smith finds his brother: Remember Pat Smith? He’s still around … hmmm, maybe he should rematch Ken Shamrock?

Cage Rage Promo with Tommy: I bet EliteXC saw this and was like “Wow, they’re so sleazy, we have to own them!

Mike Goldberg’s Knowledge Of Boxing: Who’s George Holmes?

Cung Le throwing people around (thanks Swedish Guy)

Double Knockdown (thanks Hattori Hanzo)

Travis Fulton vs Jeremy Bullock

Daiki Tsuchiya vs. Hidenori Nishino

Pat Smith finds his brother
incredible MMA video Bond of Brothers
Cage Rage Promo with Tommy

Mike Goldberg’s Knowledge Of Boxing

  • selfdestructo says:

    I’ve seen a few Cung Le San Shou fights, and I’ve never seen any of them try to take Cung down. It almost seems like they are kickboxers who just happen to be fighting with San Shou rules, and have absolutely no training whatsoever with takedowns or takedown defense. So it seems like a lot of his fights go this way, where he just takes guys down at will.

    With that said, the guy can f’n wrestle.


  • Fightlinker is Wrong says:

    Goldberg kinda looked like Rainman in the last frame of that video.

  • Popetastic says:

    Damn, it’s so hard to imagine that Silva could ever get worked on the ground like that.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I doubt that Chung could do anything like that to a grappler like Frank, but he threw that guy around so many times that I felt sorry for him.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    This video is not proof of ANYTHING!! This is a demonstration of San Shou with Cung’s OWN STUDENT! (no ref = demo)

    And, clearly, these throws have not translated to MMA if he couldn’t even throw the walking punching bag Fryklund.

    RYAN, there is quite an interesting documentary on Cung Le on our favorite source of MMA. Search Cung Le in category documentaries. It is titled Cung Le: The Making Of A Champion from the Fight Network. If you have the time, I think that you will find it interesting. I remember watching it over a year ago when I first heard about him and it made me think that he was going to do a lot better in MMA…..

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    This Travis Fulton fought half of the UFC roster:

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Sam Caplan got the name five ounces of pain from that Pat Smith video… watch it again.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    fighlinker this should be on the next jackalTV: