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JackalTV: When CroCop was The Man

Above: Crocop To the Top: I have a feeling the shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow with Mirko fucking off to Japan. For those of you who want something positive to remember while weathering the coming storm, check out this excerpt of the best Mirko Crocop hightlight video ever made: Crocop to the top.

Carlos Condit runs through stupid fight soundbytes: Yeah, nothing is more hardcore than pontificating on the world of hurt you’re going to ‘bring’ on your opponent while clenching your jaw.

World Combat League is still around: They’ve got a show coming up and apparently they use the whole team system too? How bad does this have to be that no one ever talks about it, like it’s a dark family shame amongst MMA fans?

Seiya Kawahara vs Yuki Yamasawa: I don’t know what’s cooler, the finishing move or the crazy judo roll the referee performs to save the other fighter from more damage.

Another M1 promo video: Seems like M1 exists only in the form of little promotional videos and small events held by other companies in Europe.

MMA Girl is now MMA Girls again: Looks like whoever’s behind the MMA Girls have actually managed to find a second girl again. Still no word on what happened to the last one. My bet? Swimming with the fishes.

More ‘Setting Women’s MMA back years’ videos: I’m sorry. I know I’ve gained a reputation for being a strong backer of women’s MMA. Yet every time a girl dressed like a sailor executes a half-baked armbar, I’m posting it here. I promise I’ll try a bit harder to at least balance the bullshit female fighting videos with talented female fighting ones as well.

Shooto Belgium 4 looks pretty decent: These guys look like they were given meth before the event. There’s a bit too much emphasis on the eurotrash ring dancers, but other than that, it looks like my kind of event.

“Explosive” Remigijus Mokevicius: This guy’s got good kicks and also looks like he might be on meth. “Explosive” is a fitting nickname, he kicks the shit out of quite a few people in this video. Although did he really sucker punch someone off the opening glove touch??? I’m not sure if it’s him doing it or him getting it. Strange thing to include in a highlight though. Where’s the footage of you slapping your mom in the face while you’re at it?

Carlos Condit runs through stupid fight soundbytes

World Combat League is still around

Seiya Kawahara vs Yuki Yamasawa

Another M1 promo video

MMA Girl is now MMA Girls again

More ‘Setting Women’s MMA back years’ videos

Shooto Belgium 4 looks pretty decent

“Explosive” Remigijus Mokevicius

  • Erin says:

    “My bet? Swimming with the fishes”
    Well, duh. Can’t have two cute blonds doing this, people can only get confused. Hence, the new girl is a brunette.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Oh man, Remigijus Morkevičius (you forgot the r, which, despite the Robin Williams stupid-ass alien reference, makes it cooler (also, part of his first name can be said Jesus) ) is amazing to watch. He is the most explosive fighter to ever step in a ring. Every single one of his fights are entertaining, even the ZST “Tag Team” matches. Out of his nineteen fights, ONLY FOUR of them got past the first round. Of his 16 wins, 13 were KOs and 3 were submissions.

    In the end, your body pays for the shit that you push it to do. Last time I heard anything about Mork, it was that he had to retire due to chronic back problems.

    Man, if only MMA/kickboxing had more fighters like that little devil…

  • The Gaijin says:

    “M-1 Global is a new mixed martial arts organisation [sic] witch [sic] will operate global…”

    Ahh fuck it! I couldn’t watch anymore of this garbage when they spell the f*&%in promo material worse than a 2nd grader.

  • Brian says:

    That is most definately NOT the best Crocop highlight. Here it is

  • mike o says:

    world combat league is that shitty show they show on cable its like kickboxing, not mma

  • Throken says:

    Brian, my favorite part of that video is where ultimate spelled wrong.

  • Brian says:

    Haha, yes I noticed the spelling error too, twice actually. HRVMan who made the vid is from Croatia, so I dont know if that has something to do with it. But I love it, I watch that video over and over like a mental patient.

  • #1 jackal says:

    1st rule- about world combat league is, dont talk about world combat league.

    Why, you may ask. Becuase it is gay

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    World Combat League is the shittest thing in the world. It’s point-sparring amateur kickboxing crossed with the IFL (the shitty team concept, team names and team logos). This shit is worse than the IFL believe it or not. I find the snobbery that MMA fans have towards other combat sports to be stupid. But WCL is a joke. What the fuck was Chuck Norris smoking when he came up with this shit?