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JackalTV: We’re back!

(Above)The Famous ‘Funny MMA Clips’ Video: What a good way to kick off the return of JackalTV than with the best collection of funny MMA moments ever assembled. Massive respect for the MJ soundtrack too. The man might be a psycho molester, but damn did he write some catchy fucking tunes.

All other videos after the jump

Sensual MMA: Speaking of tunes, ever wonder what happens when you replace the standard nu-metal garbage in most MMA videos with something a bit more … sensual? Then check this out.

Wanderlei Silva career highlight part 1: Here’s a cool highlight that goes through Wanderlei Silva’s axe murderer days back in the IVC. It’s interesting to note that Silva looks almost human, as his face isn’t all puffed up from scar tissue and internal swelling from the years of abuse in PRIDE.

Strikeforce on NBC: Here’s two segments from the late late late late night Strikeforce show that aired on some NBC stations (supposedly). Cung Le vs. Brian Warren, and Duane “Bang” Ludwig vs. Tony Fryklund. Production quality is top notch, but if a tree falls in the forest….

Murilo Bustamante vs. Marcelo Mendes: Some serious oldschool vale tudo, narrated by Rorion Gracie. His soothing voice makes you feel like you’re watching a documentary on lions mating rather than a fight.

Other fights:

  • Akiyo ‘wicky’ Nishiura vs Kim Jong Man
  • Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture 2
  • nick diaz Robby Lawler

Sensual MMA

Wanderlei Silva career highlight part 1

Cung Le vs. Brian Warren: StrikeForce on NBC

Duane “Bang” Ludwig vs. Tony Fryklund: StrikeForce on NBC

Murilo Bustamante vs. Marcelo Mendes

Akiyo ‘wicky’ Nishiura vs Kim Jong Man

Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture 2

nick diaz robert lawler

  • Bandildo says:

    On the first movie, the funny clips, about 1:59, who is fighting there? Just laughed my ass off, really nice own.

  • Dr. Gonzo says:

    The Diaz/Lawler fight is what made me a Diaz fan. When is Fryklund gonna realize that he is not that good at standup?

  • Dr. Gonzo says:

    Frank Mir vs Wes Simms

  • Kronker says:

    The first video is part one of a two part series called “Don’t Fear Me, Fear The Consequences”, not “Funny MMA Clips”. Its based on the quote by Paul Buentello. Heres part 2.

  • #1 jackal says:

    i like the songs that they use on part two of the funny clips

  • Jemaleddin says:

    The Diaz fight was hysterical. I had forgotten how good that was. Heeheehee…

  • MadMan says:

    i caught the very end of Strikeforce this past weekend,
    on NBC affiliate WLWT–out of Cincinnati.
    Advertising for the broadcast was non-existent and it aired at like 2 in the a.m.
    I guess they beat CBS to have the first network showing of MMA…but nobody saw it, so WTF!

  • andres says:

    Madman wow we’ve been talkin about this for weeeks strikeforce was first hahaha

  • MadMan says:

    yeah, sorry…i march to the beat of my own drummer :)

  • Kronker says:

    Good job not rectifying your mistake. Nice way of misrepresenting someone’s hard work making these awesome highlights.

  • Hey Kronker … with wordpress there’s no way to edit posts with youtube videos without all of the video embed code getting swallowed. Once a jackalTV post is made, there’s no way for me to make changes other than to start from scratch.

    As for the video, it’s been floating around forever and most people know it as ‘the funny mma clips’ video. I’d assume the guy who put it together put the hard work into this so people could enjoy the video, and wouldn’t care much what it’s being called. If this was an issue of credit I’d have made the effort to give the person credit. They deserve it.