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JackalTV: We miss you, Gina

(Above) We miss you, Gina Carano: Gina gets shit on so much for being green that people forget the massive amount of potential she has. That’s why I don’t mind her being built up as a star … she deserves it and I think will be a force in the sport. IF she doesn’t fuck off.

The rest of the videos are embedded after the jump.

Mac Danzig talks about his first fight: Mac Danzig is definately one of the most interesting minds in MMA today. Here he tells his story of his first MMA fight.

Nick Diaz VS Hironaka: Here’s Nick Diaz being dominated for a round by Hironaka back in Shooto.

A dive at the M1 Global show: Did you even know there was an M1 show this weekend? Well there was. And one of the fighters took a dive without even being hit.

The UFC 83 Preview: Ye Olde UFC 83 preview has been expanded to a full minute. ONLY ON PAYPERVIEEEEW.

Stefan Leko vs. Michel Andrade: Pretty good slugfest of a kickboxing match.

Mark Coleman vs Leprachaun: My question is how is Coleman supposed to beat Brock Lesnar when he can’t even beat the Leprachaun?

Dodge This – MMA Knockouts highlight: Quality’s a bit low but you still get to see the violence. MMA looks twice as mean when watching it to some killer drum & bass.

Mac Danzig talks about his first fight


A dive at the M1 Global show

The UFC 83 Preview

Stefan ”Blitz” Leko vs. Michel Andrade

Mark Coleman vs Leprachaun

Dodge This – MMA Knockouts highlight

  • Tanner says:

    what video game is that

  • Dangerfield says:

    It looked like the knee might have hit him

  • “The UFC 83 Preview”
    Will the universe implode iF GSP loses. It seems that most are already writing Matt Serra off (again).

    “A dive at the M1 Global show”
    the knee didn’t hit but he was knocked out by the other fighters chi.

    “Mac Danzig talks about his first fight”
    Danzig has a unique persepective on things

  • nem0 says:

    Woah, sick choon on that highlight vid. Too bad I can’t fucking find it anywhere else :(

  • Tanner says:

    sick choon? Like sick song? that was one of the worst things i’ve ever heard.

  • operator says:

    Someone should do a highlight real for all of the opponents that Anderson Silva would have at LHW or WW divisions. Im a little impressed with Brocks debut when it is thrown into the mix with all those victories highlights but then I remember that he lost.

  • operator says:

    I haven’t played video games for years but I could see myself getting hooked on that one. Blood spewin good sound effects quick action and the ground and pound was awsome.

  • fighting video games kinda suck
    I wanted to play xmen vs streetfighter and looked up the combos for wolverine:
    1) D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Forward -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce
    2) J.Fierce \/ S.Strong XX Berserker Barrage X (FS)
    3) J.Roundhouse \/ C.Short -> C.Forward XX Berserker Barrage (OTG)
    4) J.Strong -> J.Strong \/ S.Jab -> S.Strong -> S.Fierce
    5) J.DN.Forward XX Drill Claw [aimed diagonally down/forward]

    1) J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse \/ C.Strong -> S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short
    -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce (FS)
    2) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong \/ D.S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Roundhouse /\
    SJ.Jab -> SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward
    XX Drill Claw [aimed diagonally upwards]

    just an example, i bet learn,ing how to play guitar is easier
    i’d better put up some music and shadowbox in between trainings then play fking fight vid games if i feel like swinging fists 😐

  • Don’t think that was a dive, I think he shit himself when the knee came up, and the ref stopped it early

  • nem0 says:

    It’s dnb slang, Tanner. Either pretend you know what the fuck your talking about or shut the fuck up.

  • bo selekta! brap! brap!