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JackalTV: UFC vs Pride FC… the war continues

Above: Will this debate ever end? I see Pride as more entertaining but UFC is more of a proper sport

More Videos After the Jump!!!

K-1 Knockout 2008: Sick video of the best Knockouts of last year including Mark Hunt getting side kicked to the gut!

Deadliest Warrior Episode One: Pretty cool show but I dispute the ending! The Apache was greasing! Plus Chuck punches a cow in half!

Cars and Cars 2 All Out Cars: Has nothing to do with MMA but is funny as hell… dead burned lesbians

Strikeforce is coming up… remember them?

  • Le vs Frykland
  • Shamrock vs Baroni

K-1 2008

Deadliest Warrior


Cars 2

Le vs Fryland

Shamrock vs Baroni