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JackalTV take 2: Female MMA Battle Royale

So I decided that my original plan to show ONE measly video a day was kinda tame. Why show one when I can be your official dealer for all video? So that’s what JackalTV will be: A nightly roundup of everything worth watching that was uploaded that day. The top video goes in the main post, and then all the rest are tucked in the subpage.

To commemorate this awesome new thingy, the first top video is none other than the Smack Girl Battle Royale from 2004 that I’ve been talking about in the forums all day. That’s right: It’s an MMA royal rumble with a new girl thrown in every 2 minutes. Okay, so it isn’t exactly poetry in MMA form but it’s just so stupid it’s awesome. Dig the costumes. Dig the masks. Soak it up. Enjoy the insanity.

Onto the other videos:

Anderson “Spider” Silva vs. José Barreto : This video sums up why we like Anderson Silva – it’s fast and it’s brutal. The video description says it all: “What a kick to the face!”

Dwarf Cage Fighting 5 : Yeah, it’s still a novelty for me. Once I get over it I’ll stop posting but till then, WAR MIDGETS.

Evan Tanner vs. Yanagisawa : Yushin Okami won’t be the first Asian Evan Tanner tools. Long before taking a drinking sabatical, Evan spent some time fighting in Japan aka the land of wind and pink speedo tights.

Kimbo Slice on Jimmy Kimmel Live 2-7-08 : This is the kind of shit I normally would never post because watching smarmy late night talk show conversations makes me want to kill myself.

Blond Kandie Cohn vs Shayna Steadman : I respect female fighting a lot. However, I can’t help but be a pig when it comes to stuff like this. I know it sets back the sport and is derogatory towards real fighters. But Jesus Christ. I double dare you to watch this whole thing and not pop a boner. Even you female readers out there.

UFC – women ultimate fight : Now here’s the best of both worlds. Skimpy clothes plus some pretty decent skills on display. A quicky to prove that women can bang in a literal fight related sense.

Mark Hunt on FOX Sports News : This is the Australian Fox News or something, and it’s awesome how they pronounce everything.

Anderson “Spider” Silva vs. José Barreto

Dwarf Cage Fighting 5

Tanner vs. Yanagisawa – iaTV – Pancrase Legends of MMA

Kimbo Slice EliteXC Fighter on Jimmy Kimmel Live 2-7-08

Blond Kandie Cohn vs Shayna Steadman

UFC – women ultimate fight

Mark Hunt on FOX Sports News

  • harrymanback says:

    Oh my god! Herb Dean was the ref for the Dwarf fight! Or at least it looked like him?

  • GonzoDamon says:

    RANDOM THOUGHT: Where in the hell is Hermes Franca?

    I like Hermes. UFC Logic: 1. Take steroids and admit it with a decent excuse=dissappear 2.”Take” steroids, battle it, and still refuse to give up steroid-tainted supplements=get to help announce a title fight, the nsac reduce your “sentence” to 6 months suspended, and GET AN IMMEDIATE TITLE SHOT!!

    Man, imagine what would have happened if Hermes HADN’T taken or GOT CAUGHT in the fight with Sherk?

  • selfdestructo says:

    Hermes Franca was suspended for 1 year, so he’s gotta wait until July. UFC has nothing to do with his disappearance.

  • koolpaw says:

    OMG ! Roxy, Stay away from this dirty Canack !!
    He has a lot of p*rn videos in his HDD !!!! Bookmarks file must be full of %$#@*

    i know where does fightlinker hide his old collections of Po*n VHS tapes. LOOK at the “National Geographic” series in his bookshelf !!!!

    what? No comment about my empty guitar cases.
    –cough cough–

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    “Kevlar”…. all I can say is WOW.

    Kimbo has the charisma of a tree stump.

  • Vess says:

    Thanks FL, best start to a Saturday that I have had in a long time…. cage dwarf fighting, blond skanks in bikinis bottoms wrestling, japanese female royal rumble, Silva kicking some no name’s face in, a younger sober Evan (self-taught) Tanner applying a nice choke hold, Mark Hunt “the most dangerous man on the planet”, and the coup de grace, KIMBO SLICE!!

    I will go shovel the snow now.

  • fightfan says:

    How bout the guillotine suplex???? The one dwarf look like he could fight at MW or even LH. He got to be pushing 175 plus. And it sure look like herb Dean call ing the action.

    What the was Silva wearing on his head. It looks like a fishing net, minus the net???

  • fightfan says:

    ALSO….Never can get sick of seeing footage of A. Silva trying and nearly succeeding in kicking someone’s head off

  • andres says:

    And no one talks about the battle royal
    Wat has this world gone too
    That’s fucken awesome now I want to see it with some real names

  • Big D D says:

    Who is that pretty girl speaking English at the end of the battle royale? Is she any good or what? I think I am in love…Move over Gina!

    Great content Link!