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JackalTV: Sex, sex, and more sex!


Battle Bang: MMA where the winner gets pussy instead of pay. What, you thought Bang the Champ was going to be the only MMA / Porno combo?

A Woman’s Perspective, with GSP: Georges talks about sex and this chick literally starts sweating vagina juice out her face. Now that’s impressive!

Vitor Belfort makes love, not sex: Here’s Vitor sitting on the most comfortable looking chair on earth explaining the dos and don’ts of making tender love before a big fight.

A Tito-Speak Compilation: Here we go, we got Tito Ortiz with a dominating fashion in commentating, perhaps pound for pound the best performances tonight. What do you think as Tito of your next fight announcing?

Dana White’s UFC 126 vlog: Oh, how the mighty Dana video blog has fallen! Once they deserved their own posts. Now they’re so dull they don’t even get top billing on JackalTV. Half this video is basketball related and the other half takes place at a boxing gym. Wake me when he starts telling cunts to go fuck themselves again.

Clay Guida talks Anthony Pettis: Here’s Clay being humble and awesome as always. He also proves in this video that he rocks a look perfect for selling juicers or thigh masters at three in the morning.

Sean Sherk wants to sell you a gas mask: Eugh, I didn’t really want to include this interview because it’s boring boring boring but it’s one of the few ‘relevant’ videos I found today so I thought I’d throw it in. I warned you though: boring.

Ninja Fest Hi Lites! There’s something magical about the kind of MMA organization you can just phone up and say “I wanna fight this Friday” Half these guys look like bad motherfuckers while the other half are straight out of kung fu academy. It results in a lot of mismatched ass kickings.


Igor Vovchenchyn Highlight

  • the mocker says:

    you guys are doing it all wrong(battle bang). you should have the fights in the cage and film some wild orgy right outside the cage. have all those models doing a reverse cowgirls so there boobs are facing the cage. that way no matter where the fight ends up both fighters have to deal with hearing the models moan and seeing there boobs bounce up and down out of the corners of there eyes. the guys filming the sex scenes should also be alowed to shoot jizz into the cage as the fights are happening.the punishment should be the chick with glasses ramming some guy up the but with a giant black dildo.the losers should also have to put on one of those latex masks with the dildo attached to the mask while the chick with glasses calls the guy a fuck head heheheh. like Taylor Wayne did in Dirty Deeds. oh and then they should have the losers put on the mickey mouse wig like Talor Wayne did to that guy in the movie hahaha oh that was a good one.or maybe the loser could give the chick with glasses a pony ride then have all the winners shoot jizz into a cake and throw it at the losers face. oh and wwe moves for the losers hahaha. leave them there unconscious and deliver either flying knees,leg drops(like Hulk Hogan used to do in WWF) and ofcourse the peoples elbow hahaha. the peoples elbow doesn’t seem so bad but the flying knee is utter humiliation hahaha. you haven’t lived untill you have seen some jerk get knocked out only to have the same guy deliver flying knee after flying know the UFC really isnt that least you guys have refs to step in.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    You always bring the heat Mocker.

  • Simco says:

    I think there are two male porn guys who fight/fought.
    And then there’s Marzolla, if you consider what she did porn.

  • CAP says:

    This shit is tailor made for that war machine douche. Vaginal staph infection sounds sweet!

  • agentsmith says:

    If you get staph and herpes at the same time, do they kill each other?