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JackalTV: Pro Wrestlers and Bulgarians

Fedor losing: Here’s the video of Fedor (in blue) losing to some dude from Belarus. Although to be fair it must have been hard for Fedor to concentrate, what with the earthquake that seemed to go on throughout the entire fight.

The rest of the videos are embedded after the jump.

Bruce Lee’s speed: A bunch of rare footage of Bruce Lee showing off his slick moves.

Tito Ortiz interview:
Steve Cofield talks to Tito and past Tito saying he’ll be back in July it’s just the same old blah blah blah here’s what I want blah blah treat me right blah blah disrespect blah.

TUF8 – The Fruit Platter Incident: If you want to watch men eating piss-soaked fruit, well here it is.

Jason Mayhem Miller answers Mickeys questions: Looks like Mickeys has added Jason Miller to the list of fighters on their roster.

Jess Liaudin Behind the scenes: A little behind the scenes look at how boring Jess the Joker Liaudin’s life is right before his fight at UFC 89.

UFC 94 Press conference: Here’s the video from the BJP vs GSP press conference in Toronto. I bet both guys are looking forward to the press conference in Hawaii … slightly warmer. Just slightly.


  • Quinton Jackson vs Igor Vovchanchyn
  • Joe Jordan vs Jorge Gurgel (holy shit, Jorge uses his jiu jitsu!)

Bruce Lee’s speed

Tito Ortiz interview:

TUF8 – The Fruit Platter Incident

Jason Mayhem Miller answers Mickeys questions

Jess Liaudin Behind the scenes

UFC 94 Press conference

Quinton Jackson vs Igor Vovchanchyn

Joe Jordan vs Jorge Gurgel