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JackalTV: More Goldberg Moments

(Above) More Goldberg Moments: Having videos like this out there almost make keeping Goldberg around worth while.

All the other videos embedded after the jump!

When CroCop was awesome: Jackal Mr Unbelievable Pants from Martial Farts made this kickass Crocop highlight, appropriately named “When Crocop was Awesome”

Don Frye, Fuck Yeah: Another awesome highlight, this time featuring Don Frye. The music really does it for me. Key to success in Japan: Moustache + American Flag shorts. If Bob Sapp did that, he would be declared emperor of the country, no doubt! Thanks to Mike_N for sending this our way

Mac Danzig taking photos: Here’s Mac Danzig on a roof taking pictures of birds. How exciting.

Viacheslav Datsik v Andrei Arlovski: Our favorite psycho fighter takes out Andrei Arlovski in his first fight. Man, Bas and Stephen suck at announcing this one.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Todd Medina: Oh dear fucking lord, the knees!!! They come from everywhere!

When CroCop was awesome

Don Frye, Fuck Yeah

Mac Danzig taking photos

Viacheslav datsik v andrei arlovski

Wanderlei Silva vs. Todd Medina