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JackalTV: Mir talks UFC 100 with hottie

Above: Jennifer Haas from some Polish news site interviews Frank Mir and Robert Drysdale who looks retarded.

More after the Jump!!!

More Mir Interview: he really looks like he’s taken a beating already but looks in good shape.

Fighter Predictions for GSP vs Alves: Some current and former UFC fighters plus Gina .

Hendo on Bisping: I like Hendo as a person and a fighter and hope he sends Bisping back to the Wolf’s Lair with a few missing teeth.

Titty Taser: Some friends have fun with tasers.

Bug Fights-Spider vs Mantis: I guess PETA hasn’t gotten to Japan yet… is it sad that I recognized when they were talking about the Mantis from watching Godzilla movies?

Bug Fights Tourny: More of those crazy bug fights from the land of the rising sun… maybe we can see Sean Sherk vs Mantis?

Dead Snow: Go see this movie… it’s really funny and one of the best zombie movies I’ve seen since Shaun of the Dead.

Bad WRC Crash: Latvala kind of miss judged that corner. You won’t see that in a certain sport that involves driving in a circle and sleeping with your sister.


  • Andy Hug vs Matsui
  • Lytle vs Ghosn

More Mir Interview:

Fighter Predictions for GSP vs Alves:

Hendo on Bisping:

Titty Taser:

Bug Fights-Spider vs Mantis:

Bug Fights Tourny:

Dead Snow:

Bad WRC Crash:

Andy Hug vs Matsui

Lytle vs Ghosn