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JackalTV : Kids under 10 fight for free!

Above: 10 year olds do MMA (for reals). Yes, I shit you not. This is 10 minutes of little kids beating the shit out of eachother. Well, more like one kid pummeling another for the majority of the match. Fucked up? Yes. Awesome? Maybe a little. All I know is we’re one step closer to a fucking Thunderdome society.

More videos after the jump:

Two yokozunas fighting : Only the Japanese can make two fatties fighting seem classy. Here’s a historic moment in sumo history: two Yokozunas duking it out for supremacy.

Lookit Shogun’s titties : Here’s a video where Shogun is rocking a uni-boob.

Chuck Liddell + Ron Jeremy + Supplements = Fail : I have no idea how this guy managed to convince Ron Jeremy and Chuck Liddell to participate in such a banal peice of advertising. Simply terrible.

Sean Taylor versus Jason “Mayhem” Miller : This is an entertaining fight just because Sean Taylor get caught in about every single submission ever known to man and hangs on through sheer gusto alone. Apparently Sean is dead now … I don’t know what killed him but considering his refusal to quit it must have been a train or something crazy.

Matt Hughes’ Hit Squad Gym Opening : Blah blah blah informative Matt Hughes gym video.

Anderson Silva vs Jeremy Horn : This is a highlight video of the fight with terrible music overlayed on top. There should be a fucking law against dubbing over MMA with rap music. Regardless, I thought you might wanna see how Silva does against a guy like Horn, so here you go.

Windy Tomomi vs Emi Tomimatsu : Windy Tomomi is the chick who’s leg exploded during that Bodog fight video. The fact that she’s back in the ring after that blows me away.

Chuck Norris Jiu Jitsu display : On any other day, this would get top billing, but it doesn’t quite beat children’s MMA. Here’s Chuck Norris putting on a ‘display’ of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to some totally bitching 80’s rock. I especially like how Chuck flares his hands after every submission like a magician doing a trick.

Two yokozunas fighting

Lookit Shogun’s titties

Chuck Liddell + Ron Jeremy + Supplements = Fail

Sean Taylor versus Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Matt Hughes’ Hit Squad Gym Opening

Anderson Silva vs Jeremy Horn

WINDY Tomomi vs Emi Tomimatsu

Chuck Norris Jiu Jitsu display

  • mmaninja says:

    haha, even when you sleep, Chuck Norris trains BJJ!

  • NunyaBidness says:

    The kid fight should have been stopped about 8 times. That ref is a complete fucking moron.

  • steve24 says:

    How the hell was that kid even standing after that beat down?

  • #1 jackal says:

    I think the only thing chuck knows is a arm bar

  • airipsus says:

    it took me a little over a minute to figure out Chuck Norris was just doing an exhibition.I was thinking what a jerk Norris was for tapping a guy then tapping him again over and over.

  • Roxy says:

    Those kids fights bother me. They are way too young to be doing that.

  • kentyman says:

    At least there are two mixed martial artist that I can beat up. Well, three, counting Bo Cantrell.

    (BTW, technically The Wall was released in 1979.)

  • RoB says:

    i’m a grown man and i wouldnt fuck with Dakota Kurt.

  • kentyman says:

    Don’t underestimate your reach advantage and old-man strength.

  • queero mcgayguy says:

    Emi Tomimatsu got messed up in that fight, she was put into ICU and her bowels got fucked up or something

  • Eric S says:

    Is the kid MMA actually sanctioned? That just blows my mind, I blame the parents….

  • Johnny says:

    Quote I read elsewhere: “Before Chuck Norris visited, they were called the ‘Virgin Islands.’ Now they’re just called ‘The Islands.'”

    And though you were wrong about the decade (technically), you got the “totally bitching rock” part right. Dave Gilmour could do cooler stuff with five notes than Eddie Van Halen could do with fifty.

  • #1 jackal says:

    Who would win between Dakota Kurt or Roxy.

    I mean, bc Kurt is a 10 year old boy and Roxy is a girl. So I think that it would be really close.

    (just messing with ya a little roxy, i love you and so do the other jackals, :)

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    The host w/ Hughes is lacking quite a bit of confidence…

  • fightfan says:

    What’s next???? Senior citizen mma fighitng???

  • Dangerfield says:

    As long as the old bags dont drive to the event their fighting at im fine with it. Someone could get hurt

  • Hey!! Credit where it’s due, I dug up that old Norris video and blogalised it! Dangnarbit ya buncha flinging shitslarbs.

  • Accomando says:

    That little shit ginger was tough!

    How in the fuck is that “Pure Breed Fighting League” allowed anywhere?

    I’ve seen amatuer boxing with little kids, but they have big gloves and head-gear on; that little shit MMA was disturbing.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Fuck MMA they should have given those kids knives, man!! Or tied them on to angry pitbulls and given them to Michael Vick…. Seriously though, that was not cool. Kids do not need to be taught to hit and choke each other more effectively they will figure it out themselves soon enough. That was like the male version of those junior beauty pageants, you know that no matter how they dress it up it’s all about some adult’s fucking creepy latent crypto-pedophilic compulsion.

  • Captain says:

    Wow, an organization that not only allows little kids to beat the shit out of eachother but also steers directly towards the whole human dogfighting/cockfighting analogies. Sweet. This is going to do wonders for the sport.

  • Omomatta says:

    Those kid’s parents need some sense knocked into them. Speaking as a parent, that is fucked up! That can’t be legal.

  • Atom says:

    RE: KID FIGHTING – 3 things I noticed:

    1) The fight was judeged a SPLIT DECISION?? (seriously)

    2) FL was wrong, they weren’t 10 years old.. THEY WERE 8!!

    3) I don’t know which one of them I was more impressed with.. the one that was dominating, or the kid that had the balls to hang in there. I guess the shots he’s being hit with aren’t much at that age, but he stayed tough, got a couple takedowns (though quickly reversed) and got close to an armbar once.

  • kentyman says:

    Omomatta, I thought you were gonna get rid of those germ-carrying rug-rats. :)

    They were 8, but the announcers bragged about how they were “the only recognized MMA cagefighters under the age of 10 years old”.

  • Accomando says:

    “….blogalised it! Dangnarbit ya buncha flinging shitslarbs….”

    Mr. Unbelievable Pants sounds serious!

  • The Kid fight was completely sanctioned by the Athletic Commission, and the parents asked us if they could be brought in to give their kids a venue to compete at. We had both Josh “the punk” Thomson and Cung Le on our show last week, both Men said that they had no problem with it, and watched the fight. The Ref you are talking trash on his a 4th degree blackbelt in Ji Jitsu.

    As far as the Host goes, that was my 15th Interview with Pro Fighters that day, and it happened to be the 9 Time World Champion Matt Hughes, sorry if we don’t live up to your high expectations, but unlike anyone else, we were in the building, and rolling with our friends at The Hit Squad all weekend long. We don’t just talk about it, we do it. A little bit of a difference between talkers and do-ers.