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JackalTV: John Hackleman will take your order

Not a whole lot of videos up today. Statistically speaking, I have no idea why some days are great and others are shit. But today there was nothing but a bunch of goofballs beating on eachother in their backyards, plus these nuggets of goodness:

(ABOVE)John Hackleman asks tough questions: User #1 Jackal pointed me towards John Hackleman’s Youtube page where he asks a whole bunch of fighters hard hitting questions regarding eggs and toast.

Other videos embedded below after the jump!

Kimura Arm Snap: My question is if that was the bone snapping, or the sound of something popping out of it’s joint? Funny sound though.

Gina Carano on American Gladiators: This shit just makes me cry. Why anyone would walk away from MMA for a carnival attraction like American Gladiators is beyond me. I ‘get’ doing it for money. But to abandon us? FOR SHAME!

Ernesto Hoost Highlight: As with most K1 highlights, this is full of hardcore kicks to the face. If only K1 events were as good as the highlights.

Kimura Arm Snap

Gina Carano on American Gladiators

Ernesto Hoost Highlight