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JackalTV: Is Fedor still #1?

The best videos today had embedding disabled, so you’ll have to go to youtube to watch em. But you’re gonna love it: this guy has uploaded a shitload of Fedor movies. So if you’re still wondering how he stacks up against Anderson Silva, take an hour or so and go through some of Fedor’s big dominations.

The rest of the videos are embedded after the jump.

Cage Gladiators 5 Highlight: Some good knockouts and a couple nifty submissions make this event look pretty good.

Good MMA Highlight: Another great MMA highlight done to the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack

Dana White sportsnet interview: Dana is surprisingly verbose, with nary an F bomb anywhere. He’s really got his talking points down as he steamrolls Kimbo, Tito, and Randy Couture

Rumina Sato vs Isamu Osugi: Nice triangle and then two minutes of brutal body blows. My liver was bleeding just watching this.

Razor Rob McCullough Highlight: Sad when a fighter’s gotta hide his highlight video so the UFC won’t take it down. Here’s a good Razor Rob highlight featuring a ton of stuff from the WEC

Nick Diaz vs Hironaka: The second and third round from the Diaz/Hironaka shooto fight I posted yesterday.

Kendall Grove vs Matt Hendricks: An early fight from Kendall Grove – this was his fifth fight and he looks pretty good.

Sam Caplan breaks down EliteXC’s Street Certified: I’m thinking either there’s something wrong with the video, or Sam did a whole lot of meth before the interview.

Maricio Shogun Rua vs Alistair Overeem: Poor Alistair Overeem. I’ve never seen a guy who’s so awesome get owned so often. Makes for an entertaining fight, though.

Cage Gladiators 5 Highlight

Good MMA Highlight

Dana White sportsnet interview

MMA Rumina Sato vs Isamu Osugi

Razor Rob McCullough Highlight

Nick Diaz vs Hironaka

Kendall Grove vs Matt Hendricks

Sam Caplan breaks down Street Certified

maricio shogun rua vs alistair overeem

  • nicklovesmma says:

    best jackaltv ever?


  • GonzoDamon says:

    Man, I totally fuckin’ love how my comment just disappeared into space when I hit submit. I love it!

    Anyway, screw Overeem! I got sick of hoping that he would do good many fights ago. Yeah, you’re right that Overeem would be AWESOME if it weren’t for his stand-up centric game (okay, okay, he’s got a decent guillotine – but what other decent fighter has he non-guillotine submitted besides the one keylock on Zentsov in 2002?), his lack of heart, and his awful cardio that leaves him gassed at the end of round one. Yeah, super awesome, now only it weren’t for those few simple things….. *sarcasm*

    Overeem needs to buckle-down and COMPLETELY re-invent his training regimen or just move to K-1 and focus on his stand-up, which is his real talent. He is an aesthetically pleasing fighter, who surely rakes in the POONTANG (nice…poontang just added to my Firefox dictionary!), but those muscles do him WAY MORE harm than good. He needs to ease off the roids (simple speculation, but an educated guess) and trade some of that muscle for endurance. He builds up all that lactic acid and is done at the end of round one…

    Seriously, when is the last time that you were impressed by Overeem? He looked DECENT against Buentello, but I find Buentello rather underwhelming. And he was tired in that fight too!

  • ajadoniz says:


  • Cage Gladiators is the promotion where Terry Etim and Jason Tan cut their teeth before moving onto the bigger stage. The show features tonnes of their team mates, and loads of guys from the Wolfslair (Bisping’s home gym).

    Always some good scraps there. Their last show (last weekend) had some really good fights on.